Your Planner Can Be Fun and Functional with Cocoa Daisy!

Your Planner Can Be Fun and Functional with Cocoa Daisy!
Hello, friends!
One of the best parts about planning with Cocoa Daisy is the ability to make your planner pages super fun and fully functional for your everyday needs. Today, our Creative Team shares how they stay on track in their planners while having plenty of room for creative fun.
Pauline's monthly pages are the epitome of fun and function.
Every month one of my favorite pages is my monthly to-do list. In fact, I try to plan following bullet journal principles, even if I don't follow them at 100%. This to-do list is consequently a must for me. For that, I use the "note" page from the Peach Ridge A5 Pages. I take them unpunched, so I can punch them myself for my disks. I decorate the page every month with the same principle. First, I add some stickers for personalization and washi to the side for the whole month for consistency. Then, I create three sections for the monthly to-do list, my monthly wish list, and my Cocoa Daisy goals. For this last one, I like to use a "frame" to see those quickly. This month, I used the post-it from the Peach Ridge Planner Kit.
I used the Peach Ridge Free Printable to divide the page. I added some other stickers, so I now have my wish list for the month below those decorations
I like to add some die-cuts from the Peach Ridge Planner Kit in the corner of the page because I think it adds some balance to my page. This month, I also stamped a line for the same reason. I am totally in love with the Peach Ridge Memory Keeping Stamps set this month.
On the left, this is the monthly dashboard that comes with Peach Ridge A5 Pages. I like to make a simple decoration, with a few stickers, and mostly stamping.
This is how my page looks like after the pen. I have a code when I report the task in my planner, and another code when the task is done.
Tanti loves to add a little whimsy inside her planner.
I‘d like to have my planner not only functional but also decorative and fun to use. So, I always create some interactive elements in my planner to play with. This month, I have a lot of space to create a playful spread because the first day of August is a Sunday.
 This spread just looks like a regular decorative spread but you could actually pick the peaches in real life. I combine the Peach Ridge Free Printable and some stickers from the kits to create the peach tree. I just put a strong double-sided tape behind the peach bush print and rolled it a little bit and stuck it onto the page. Then I slipped the peaches just underneath the peach bush and they hold because of the stickiness of the tape.
I made a little pocket using the truck from the Peach Ridge Free Printable so that I can pick the peaches and load them into it.
I attached the tip-out calendar card from the Peach Ridge Modern Memory Keeping Kit so that I can have a quick monthly view while I plan.
I always use the washi tape to mark the school holidays in my planner. The new cute scallop edge washi tape from the planner main kit makes my planner even cuter for this purpose.
My planner may be small, but it is packed with fun decorative elements!
For the month of August, I decided to use a smaller format for planning. This allows me to take my planner anywhere and doubles as my wallet. But I didn't want my planner to be all function and no fun, so I decorated and embellished it with the Peach Ridge Collection.
If you have paper, you can build a planner! For my setup, I started with a simple grid notebook in passport size. I covered the notebook with paper from the Peach Ridge Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping Kit and the scallop edgers from the Peach Ridge Planner Add On Kit. To finish it off, I included the adorable quote cards and enamel dots from the Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. Functionally, the notebook is now sturdy, making it easier to write in, while also fun to see when I open my planner!
A little washi and a few stickers can make your monthly goals are more fun to look at, and more likely to be accomplished. I love using the clear dots from the Peach Ridge Sticker Kit as bullet points for lists like this one. 
Fun and functional go hand in hand on my weekly pages, too. My tasks and to-do's are less "ho hum" with stickers and stamping all around them. My blank, grid layout came alive with stickers from the Peach Ridge Sticker Kit and the Peach Ridge Daisy Add-On Sticker Kit.
Do you enjoy fun and function in your planner. Share your planner spreads with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator