Wonderland Planning in the A5 Daisy Notebook

Wonderland Planning in the A5 Daisy Notebook

Hello Wonderland Daisies!

Planning couldn't get any cuter than with the Wonderland Collection in the Wonderland A5 Daisy Notebook!


Eliza Hall: Wonderland Planning in the Daisy Notebook


Who’s ready for the month of love? That’s what Wonderland Collection reminds me of. When I saw the colors, I knew I was in Wonderland full of hearts and wonders. Planning in this month’s Wonderland A5 Daisy Notebook gave me all the wonderland vibes.



I started off separating the page into four quadrants on each page because I wanted to see one week on both pages. Sometimes, this is easier for planning in a hurry. Then, I decorated the page using the stickers from the Wonderland Main Planner KitWonderland Planner Add-on Kit and Wonderland Bible Journaling Kit. I really just put down stickers according to what I like, what looks good layered together and the aesthetic that I’m going for. After I finished decorating, I used the harlequin shaped pattern washi and layered black faux washi on top. I love the this collection comes with days stickers. I was so obsessed with the days stickers that looked like a tag from the Wonderland Stationary Kit. As a result, I used them over the washi tape to bring it all together.



I used some mini icons from the Wonderland Main Planner Kit for the planning piece. I thought it would be cool to layer the icons over the mini circle stickers so that the icons didn’t appear too plain. I also used some labels to write on as well.



Furthermore, I chose to use a Bible verse from the Wonderland Bible Journaling Kit. I always have to have a scripture of the day when I start my week. It helps me focus on the positive aspects of the week.





Moreover, I used a sticky note from the Wonderland Stationary Kit for the last quadrant. This is sorta of a reminder section for what I need to do during the week or next week. I used black alphas for label it “To Do” at the top and I love the way it turned out. Did I mention how amazing this pen writes that came with the kit!





I just wanted to highlight how much I love these mini icons. I really think the coffee one is my favorite especially since I’ve been on a coffee binge lately. These mini icons makes my planning feel so much more personal. I had so much fun planning with the Wonderland Collection, and I know you will too! As I always note, there’s kit for everyone. Happy Planning!


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