Setup Saturday: Wonderland Planner Kits

Setup Saturday: Wonderland Planner Kits


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It's Setup Saturday and we have a fun twist to share with that you will steal your heart!

Kim Oedekoven: Setup Saturday


I bet you’ve heard this time and time again; if you’d like to not see a color as much with the Wonderland Main Planner Kit, it’s totally possible. I’m here to tell you again that it’s totally true. Looking at the TN notebook setup I have lined up for you, you wouldn’t think that it’s for the month of February.



You don’t even need a close up picture to see that I’ve chosen to use only the White, Beige and Black elements of the kit. I did take the diamond pattern Wonderland Main Planner Kit paper, used a craft knife to have different size diamond shape cut outs and then backed it with the sheet of vellum from the Wonderland Stationary Kit. The corner wording is made from the fantastic Rub-on’s in the Wonderland Planner Add-on Kit




The Wonderland Stationary Kit came with several 4x4 journal cards which here, I did trim down slightly to make it the focal point on this insert cover. I did use a circle punch on both sticky note pads, and cut them in half to make a scalloped edge. And because I like to use up all the cast off bits…..




….I used them on this cover to make little vignettes for the sticky back die cut characters to peak out from. All three are on top of the the cast off strip of vellum and a torn piece to insert trim.

This layout would work well anytime of year, even Halloween because the lack of color does not disappoint in my chic and minimalist February Notebook!


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