Weekly Planning with the Peach Ridge Collection

Weekly Planning with the Peach Ridge Collection
Hello, friends! It's a new week and that means fresh planning pages to fill and embellish with the Peach Ridge Collection. Today, we are sharing three planner formats: Ring Bound, Discbound, and Travelers Notebook. As you will see, this collection looks stunning in every planner shape and size! Kylie shares her gorgeous Ring Bound Planner filled with all the kit goodies. I love to have all my pages dated and set out ready for the month ahead. Then I can easily add important dates and reminders as the month goes along. The Peach Ridge A5 inserts are my current favourite as I love having extra room to be able to decorate. I like my planner to not only be a practical space but one that always looks pretty too! The Sticker Elements and Sticker sheets from the Peach Ridge Planner Add On Kit are a must in my weekly pages. I like to write in point form, so the banner stickers are perfect. Even though the inserts come with the days of the week printed on them, I love to use the day stickers from the Planner Add On Kit for extra colour on my pages. Alpha stickers are another staple in my planner. I have used some of the alpha stickers from the Peach Ridge Memory Keeping Sticker Kit as well as the puffy stickers from the Peach Ridge Modern Memory Keeping Kit. They look great for highlighting important events in your week! The papers for the Peach Ridge Collection are so pretty! I couldn't resist creating a simple pocket to house my stickers and notecards for planning on the go. I've embellished the front with some die cuts from the Peach Ridge Planner Kit. To the reverse of my little pocket, I have adhered some of the pages from the exclusive notepad which was also in the Planner Kit. This pocket can then be moved in my planner from week to week as needed.I have created a short process video showcasing how my planner pocket was created below. [embed]https://youtu.be/_Iu-2c1lb78[/embed]  
We are in love with Belinda's teeny tiny planner!
I am so excited to be back in my Mini Daisy Dori for August. I love having one page per day, it gives me lots of space to decorate and room to plan my days. Here is my "before the pen" setup for this week.On Monday, we celebrated my Hubbies Birthday so I documented it with a cute Birthday Banner using one of the full boxes from the Peach Ridge Classic Sticker kit and some alpha stickers. Tuesday was Happy Mail day, so time to use my ‘Smile my box of happy is here’ sticker from the Planner Add On Kit.
On Wednesday and Thursday, I used some of the Quilt Washi from the Peach Ridge Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping Kit to make "today" flags.
For Friday, I created a dashed line box using some of the pretty peach deco stickers and a today flag.
I finished the week with weekend banners, checklists, and a dashed box all ready to be filled in.
Pauline's discbound DIY style is planner goals!
My weekly pages are very important for me. I like to have weeks on 4 pages, so I make my very own pages.
The first page is for the weekly to-do list. I use a page from the A5 pages to do that. Then, I make different sections for to-do's, meal planning, and the Cocoa Daily Challenge Prompts. To achieve this, I used stickers from the Peach Ridge Sticker Kit and Peach Ridge Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit.
I really love hexagons, and I was thrilled to have some in the free printable. With those, I made some highlights in my dailies. I used stamps and some stickers from the Peach Ridge Planner Classified Kit to complete my design.
I really loved the "road signs" stickers in the Peach Ridge Daisy Add-On Sticker Kit. And they were perfect to go with those vintage cars.
This is the "before the pen" of the first 2 pages of my week in a general view. As you can see, I really mix stickers, washi, free printables, die cuts, stamps in order to make my designs. Each day, I like to have a "box" in order to write the highlights of my day. Then, I write the daily to-do list and tick it when it's done. I like to have some tasks highlighted using boxes or special stickers.
This is the "after the pen" when the week is completed. I write a summary of the day on the box, and I tick the tasks when done. I also like to add weather stamps, and some stamps to summarize the task of the day from my stash.
We hope you are inspired to get our your planners and get creative this week! Share your planner spreads with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator