Weekly planning

Weekly planning
Hello Daisies ! I hope everyone is Ok and had a wonderful Christmas despite this complicated year. Today, I wanted to show you how I plan my weeklies. Since June, I use a dotted notebook as a planner, and I add all my wonderful CD goodies. Each week comes on 4 pages : a weekly to-do-list (+ meal plan), and 2 days per page (week-end excepted). So, on the first part of the week, I have my weekly to-do-list and Monday + Tuesday :   I always use more or less the same scheme :
  • On the side of the pages, I use a washi tape (the same for the month, so it's easier for me to identify it on a side view as a notebook lasts 4 months).
  • For my weekly to do list (on the left), I use a free-printable page. This page helps me to define a theme for the week, inside the monthly theme (here are all the cute animals). For this week, I used a B6 page, as I found this little fox really cute. That was also a great opportunity to use the wonderful green paper from the Christmas kit. Then, I add a "meal plan" sticker (from sticker kit or classic kit) on the bottom 1/3 of the page. I also add those wonderful weeklies boxes (there are some in sticker kit and¬†classic kit) in order to note the Planner Challenge's prompts. On the top of the page, I add the number of the week (easier for planning, and a little tracker for my allergies medications. Those are in the weeks sticker kit. When appropriate, I add a clear sticker from the classic sticker kit (those are always awsome <3 ).
  • For the planning part, I also add a washi on the top, coordinated with the weekly theme. For this week I used the tartan green washi, which is one of my all time favorites.
  • Then, I cut the page in 2 parts, with a "clear washi sticker" (from sticker kit or classic kit)
  • After that, I add some decorations that coordinate the theme, using adhesives die cuts (from main planner kit, TNMK kit, planner add-on kit), stickers (from almost all the kits), and some free printables.
  • Then, I add the day of the week sticker. I like to mix those that are from the planner classified kit and those in the planner add on kit. Once I did that, I add the day's number, using round numbers that are in the add-on kit.
  • I like to write littles memories, so I trace a rectangle on each day, in order to collect some informations when the day comes.
  • Then, I add the functionnal stickers (garbage, pay day, cleaning, etc) that are in the main planner kit, and some flags (from add-on kit, weeks sticker kit, sticker kit or classic kit) for my to-do-lits.
  • To finish, I add some others stickers for main events of the day, and sometimes I add some stamping related to the dailies tasks.
  For example in this one, I used a round sticker that was in the planner sticker kit, a fox sticker and a stamp, in order to remind me the birthday of a dear friend.   This is a closer view of my to do list page. I really like those green palette, and those cute little foxes <3 This holidays paper from the Christmas kit was also one of my favorites ! This is an other closer view to the begining of the week. I used some free printables, but also the "winter solstice" sticker from the main planner kit.     This is a Tuesday's closer view. I like to use the watercolor stickers from Sticker kit to remind me to do my Instagram pictures, and I add some stamping to that.   Let's see the second part of the week. Usually, I like to add a big sticker on the middle of the page. But this time I was so in love with the little fox into the wood that I added him on the left. The structure of the pages is the same. I just added some festive stickers that were in the Christmas kit. I also changed from the add-on sticker to the gold number stickers (from Christmas kit) for the 25th.   [caption id="attachment_729722" align="alignnone" width="600"] This is an other detail, the journaling part of the 25th, and WE days.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_729723" align="alignnone" width="600"] I know I already said that, but this fox is the cutest ever <3[/caption]   Just an example of stickers superposition that I love to do : the deer from the free printables, the numbers from the Christmas kit, the "Friday" sticker from the planner classified kit, the "merry" sticker from the week sticker kit and the "Christmas day" sticker from the main planner kit. I also added a cute robin sticker.   And this is how it looks like after the pen (and after the day :) ). As you can see, I love to do lists ^^. And plus my (not awsome) handwritting, I add the weather with the Simon and the weather stamp, and sometimes other stamps that are related to what I did this day.     And to finish this blog post, I will add you a special bonus. I live abroad, and with the Covid situation my kit can come a bit late sometimes as they have to come across the Atlantic Ocean. So I made myself a reusable weekly : I simply used a paper from the main planner kit, and divided it in order to mark the days. I used some decorative stickers (mostly from the week sticker kit, as those are a bit smaller), days of the week from the planner add-on kit. I also used the "clear washi sticker" (from sticker kit or classic kit). And in order to make a title, I used the "to do" and "this week" stickers from the same kits. Once that was done, I simply laminated my page. Consequently, I can write with an erasable marker, and plan my week, (un)patiently waiting for my kit. I really like how this turned, and maybe I will do other ones as part of my Christmas presents next year :)     I hope you liked this blog post. I wish you a good 2020 end, and hope you'll have a GREAT 2121 ! See you next Year ! P.