Upgrade Your Planner Notepad

Upgrade Your Planner Notepad
Hello, friends! The notepad that arrives with the Quiet Meadow Planner Kit is a great planning tool as it is, but with a little tweak, you can really upgrade your notepad's functionality!  

Kim Oedekoven: Upgrade Your Planner Notepad

We get a notebook pretty much every month in the Quiet Meadow Planner Kit and this month I've decided to change things up and instead of using the pages independently, use them all together as a tabbed Daily Planner Notebook.
A cover was in need since I am a throw-and-go kinda gal so I used the backer board packaging from the adhesive pockets included in the Quiet Meadow Planner Add-On Kit. It was the perfect height and I just trimmed it to the width of the notebook. Then I placed the polka dot edge on the bottom and wrapped it around the top so 1/2 half inch was secured with liquid adhesive on the back of the notepad. Securing it temporarily with a binder clip was helpful until the glue dried.
The self-adhesive die cuts from the Quiet Meadow Planner Kit are always one of my favorite elements of each month, which is how I decorated the front. I also added a little pen detail on the bottom of the cover as well.
I un-scientifically divided the notebook into fourths, one for each week. These smaller adhesive tabs from the Quiet Meadow Planner Add-On Kit fit perfectly down the side and I labeled each as such to correspond to each week I was using it.
The pen loop, from the Quiet Meadow Classified Planner kit went smoothly on the back. I never have to think about adding a pen to my bag because the pen and the planner will go everywhere together!
There is always room to decorate so I took the time to put down a few strips of washi and the vinyl sticker on the inside cover for a bit of brightness inside!
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator