Treetop Canopy Plan With Me Hi daisy friends! I'm happy to dig into my March Treetop Canopy planner today and walk you through how I set up my weekly spreads. I've picked week 11 to set up, which includes St. Patrick's Day so I started off by choosing a (mostly) green spread from the A5 Daisy Dori. I love the versatility of using the Daisy Dori spreads and it only takes a few seconds to trim right down the middle of the booklet and punch the holes for my ring bound planner. As you can see in the photo, I've gathered up my favorite planner supplies - UnDu label remover, a white-out pen, tape runner, a paddle tool, and a pair of angled tweezers. In the video description, I've placed a link to each of these products. The first step for me is to put down the days of the week stickers. I generally design, print, and cut my days of the weeks stickers to coordinate with the color of the particular spread that I am using. I've always found putting down long skinny checklists to be a challenge to get them straight. For some odd reason, I do better if I turn the page sideways. At this point, I've got the foundation of my weekly spread in place with my days, dates and a checklist/clipboard for each weekday. I usually set up each of my weekly spreads when I am setting up my planner (generally around the 15th - 20th of the month prior). I like to have these pages set up in advance so that I can easily add tasks and events long before the week arrives. I had someone ask how I used the small ruler that came in one of our Cocoa Daisy kits a few months back. when I'm putting down alphabet stickers, I use the ruller to line them up. First I adhere the stickers to the ruler using the notches on the centimeter side of the ruler as a guide. I use my tweezers (unopened) the adjust the stickers after they are on the ruler, if necessary. Once all the letters are placed on the ruler, I put the ruler in place where I want the stickers to be on my spread and tilt the ruler away from me. I press down on the top half of the alphabet stickers and the roll the ruler off of the bottom half of the alphabet stickers and then press the bottom half onto the paper. I think this is definitely easier to follow in the video! This trick works especially well if you are trying to center a word on a spread. Once the foundation is set, I begin adding in all of the tasks and events that I have for the week. There is plenty of white space at this point and it makes it easy to keep up with everything. Once the week has ended, I go back in and use my Cocoa Daisy stickers to add decoration and fill up the white space. As you can see in this close-up view, I added some of the gorgeous glitter dots in various places on the spread for some glittery goodness! I'm all done and ready for this week to get here! It's going to be a great week with baseball, grandkids, St. Patrick's Day and ending with a vaccine! I hope you enjoyed going through my set up and hope to chat with you soon!