TN Tuesday Inspiration Using the Treetop Canopy Collection

TN Tuesday Inspiration Using the Treetop Canopy Collection
Hello, friends! It's Tuesday, which means another edition of "TN (Travelers Notebook" Tuesday! Around these parts, we like to refer to our traveler's notebooks as "Dori's" (after the original Midori Travelers Notebook). The planner girls have a few Daisy Dori inserts sizes to choose from, but we like to keep it simple with our Simple Dori Traveler's Notebook, geared toward memory keeping on a small scale. The insert is 4.375 X 8.25 in size, but could easily be trimmed and altered to meet your documenting needs. We love the Simple Dori so much, and our Memory Keeping Team does, too! Evy is always inspiring us with her beautiful designs in the Simple Dori Traveler Notebook. Here, she is featuring items from the Treetop Canopy Collection with a bold title and full-page photo. "As you have noticed for a couple of months I have an "obsession" with the photos on the whole page. For this project, I have combined the photo at a patterned page of my travelers-notebook.   Under the photograph, I included a tag with the journaling and I superimposed the Vellum. I combined the 2 tags with string and created a hole reinforcer with the pattern coordinated on the page of the planner kit. At the center of the page, I created the word Hello in black cardboard with the Cricut and I only pasted the right side (the one on the photo) to allow you to close the page and remove the tag. Then I added writing with white alpha-stickers from an older kit.
On the left page, I simply added a white strip created with the white papers of the Modern Memorykeeping Kit and stamping repeated writing several times. I stamped the same stamp on a piece of advanced vellum and combined it with a chipboard.
As always a simple effect but with an eye to detail, these are my favorite projects.
Another fabulous design, Evy! As we talked about last week, pairing large elements like a full-page photo and title with smaller embellishments and a small-scale pattern is a very pleasing design choice. We love the different ways that Evy played with stamping, too! If you want stamps to stand out on a page, consider stamping on a separate sheet of paper, as Evy demonstrates here.
The Treetop Canopy Simple Dori is a great place to add journaling and creative lists, as Jennie shows us here!
I want to play along with each of the prompts using the kit and my selfies from the past year.
I'm changing up the method of adding the answers to the prompts, using both handwriting and typed journaling. (I'm using clear sticker paper thanks to a suggestion by Traci Reed!) I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel or add any spectacular design, just complete the whole month and have this treasure for the future.
When I decided to do this challenge, I knew I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Therefore, I printed enough selfies to have one for each day of the month. Now, I’m just working my way through the Treetop Canopy Simple Dori in order of the challenges. I pull out a photo and then coordinate decor with whatever is already printed on the Dori!
We love how Jennie is using the Simple Dori to document herself. Don't forget to put YOU in the story! Jennie's strategy of batch printing her photos is a great one. All of the embellishments from the Treetop Canopy Collection coordinates with the patterns inside the insert, so it is easy to complete the prompts in order and decorate as you go.
Got a furry friend that you have a few (hundred, if you are me!) photos of? How about giving them a few pages in your Treetop Canopy Simple Dori as Aimee show us here!
"Happy "TN Tuesday"! Today I’m sharing this layout about my pup Ruby. Because of the small size of a TN, I can sometimes feel limited or feel like I create the same design over and over again.
For this layout, I got inspiration from a fellow design team member, Jil Larson, for my title. She had done an adorable spread of her dog with the Cranberry Rose kit and placed her title along the edge of the page and I loved the sweet simplicity of “good dog”.
I added some of the fun tribal-printed border stamps underneath as a holding pace for my title.
Next, I added chipboard circles and enamel dots alongside the opposite side as well as a couple of labels. I love how the natural/brown tones of my photo and the craft tag really pop alongside the coral color from the Treetop Canopy Collection.
I love working from a very narrow color pool, especially when I am lacking in creativity because it really narrows choices and helps me from becoming overwhelmed by all the color options. Besides, coral just screams springtime anyways. Happy crafting!" Every Simple Dori insert comes with a few pages with no pattern, to give you the opportunity to work with a totally blank slate. We adore the way Aimee used the blank pages and created her own fun pattern using the stamp set from the Treetop Canopy Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. The monochromatic look allows the photo and title to really pop on this spread. If you are working in a traveler's notebook or Simple Dori we want to be inspired by YOU! Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page.


Rachel, Memory Keeping Team Blog Coordinator