Tip Tuesday: Pockets for Your Scrapbook Layouts

Tip Tuesday: Pockets for Your Scrapbook Layouts

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We are coming at you with a scrapbooking idea for this Tip Tuesday that you don't want to miss!

Traci Reed - Tip Tuesday




Creating pockets in your scrapbook layouts is a fantastic way to add depth and interactive elements, but sometimes you need a lot of pockets and not a lot of extra bulk! In this post, I'll guide you through the process of creating pockets directly into your background paper to create multiple pockets for journaling cards. It's a simple yet effective technique that adds both visual interest and functionality to your layouts.


I wanted to create a page that housed some of my more favorite recent poems from my husband and I knew that the Silent Moon Modern Memory Keeping Kit had the perfect vibe to match both my full-page photo and his poetry! With the blue/purple gradient on the photo, I knew I HAD to pair it with that gradient starry background and I didn’t want to cover it up too much.


I needed to make 3 pockets in my background paper into which I could put the journaling cards.
  • First, align all three cards vertically so that they’re overlapping equally, then mark a spot on the background paper about halfway down each card on either side. This will give you your guide marks for the slits you’re going to create.
  • Next, using an exacto knife, create a horizontal slit between each of your marks horizontally (3 slits total) to create the pockets for your cards.
  • Slide each card into their respective pockets, stopping them where you want them to sit on your page.
  • On the back of the paper, use redline tape or other strong tape to create “rails” for your cards by aligning each piece of tape to the bottom edge of each card (creating a stopping point) and along each side (to keep it from moving sideways.) 



When everything is aligned correctly, remove backing from tape and stick to a card stock backing (or the next page in your album.) Now you have 3 pockets in your page without extra bulk!



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