Tip Tuesday: Using Ephemera in your Memory Keeping Spread

Tip Tuesday: Using Ephemera in your Memory Keeping Spread

Howdy, friends!

We're kicking off our memory keeping inspiration for the Big Sky Collection with some tips for incorporating ephemera in your projects!


Traci Reed: Tip Tuesday: Incorporating Ephemera into Your Projects




When it comes to memory-keeping, there's something magical about capturing the essence of a trip through tangible pieces of ephemera. When I received Big Sky Collection, I knew I had to finish the album for my 2021 girls' trip to Nashville with my best friend! I had some photos from the Country Music Hall of Fame that I just never had the product with which to scrap and I couldn't wait to dig into our adventures with the Big Sky Modern Memory Keeping Kit and the Big Sky Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, which perfectly embody that western and cowboy vibe.



As I sifted through the ephemera from our trip, I found myself drawn to not only the postcards I purchased from the Country Music Hall of Fame, but also the bag they came in, and a sightseeing map acquired from our hotel. Always think outside the box when incorporating ephemera into your pages, the seemingly mundane bag was the perfect foundation for this page! It has the logo for the Hall of Fame already built in! (P.S. If you’re worried about acidity, there is a de-acidifying spray you can purchase and spray the bag before you put it in your album!)



My approach to incorporating ephemera into my memory-keeping endeavors is spontaneous yet thoughtful. For this particular layout, I decided to fold the bag from the Country Music Hall of Fame with the logo as the focal point, transforming it into the perfect background for my page. It not only added visual interest but also served as an open pocket to house the postcards, keeping them safe and easily accessible. Additionally, I tore the map strategically, ensuring that the Country Music Hall of Fame remained visible as a photo mat, subtly peeking out from behind our main snapshot of that iconic location.



After laying the foundation of my page with the carefully curated ephemera, the next step was to seamlessly integrate it with the rest of the spread using elements from the Big Sky Collection. This is where the real magic happened. By adding stickers, stamps, and rub-ons from the Big Sky Modern Memory Keeping Kit, I was able to bridge the gap between the tangible memories and the themed embellishments, creating a cohesive and visually captivating layout that truly encapsulated the spirit of our Nashville adventure. The rustic charm of the cowboy-themed stickers complemented the Western aesthetic of the ephemera. At the same time, the delicate rub-ons added an extra layer of depth and dimension to the page. It was like watching pieces of a puzzle click into place, each element enhancing the overall narrative and bringing it to life in vivid detail.



But perhaps the most empowering aspect of memory-keeping with ephemera is the realization that these items aren't mere filler—they're integral parts of the storytelling process. They add depth, texture, and authenticity to your pages, turning them into immersive narratives that transport you back to those special moments in time.



If you're looking to embark on your memory-keeping journey with ephemera, here are some tips to get you started:

* Collect with Intent: Gather anything of interest that relates to your trip or holds sentimental value.

* Organize Wisely: Keep your ephemera together and categorize them by place or subject to streamline the scrapbooking process

* Embrace Spontaneity: Don't be afraid to experiment with different ways of incorporating ephemera into your layouts—let your creativity flow!

Remember, memory-keeping is about preserving the moments and the emotions and stories woven into them. By embracing ephemera as a vital component of your scrapbooking arsenal, you're not just preserving memories; you're crafting immersive narratives that will be cherished for years to come.



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