Planning in the Big Sky Daisy Notebook

Planning in the Big Sky Daisy Notebook

Howdy, friends!

The Big Sky Daisy Notebook is a great option from planning, don't you think? Keep reading to see how Eliza uses it to plan her week!


Eliza Hall: Planning in the Big Sky Daisy Notebook



Who’s ready for the month of March? When I saw the colors, I knew I was I was ready. The Big Sky Collection is full of amazing elements. Planning in this month’s Daisy Notebook gave me all the western vibes.



I chose to divide the page in my Big Sky A5 Daisy Notebook into seven sections and use the washi that came with the Big Sky Planner Add-On Kit. I absolutely love the days washi and I had to use it as a layering piece on top of the yellow washi from the same kit.



Then I chose to use the label looking Days stickers from the Big Sky Stationary Kit to layer on top of all the washi to bring together the brown and yellow elements. Then I added a goals sticker note from the Big Sky Stationary Kit to the page to remind myself of the goals for the week.



I used the brown Mildliner that came with the Big Sky Planner Sticker Kit to bring out the brown a little more. I like to write over the Mildliners with a pen to make the color pop. I love layering elements and I love using transparent elements and ephemera pieces together. I really loved using the days washi to add some finishing touches.

I had so much fun planning with the Big Sky Collection, and I know you will too! As I always note, there’s kit for everyone. Happy Planning!


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