Take Flight and Plan in the A5 Daisy Notebook

Take Flight and Plan in the A5 Daisy Notebook

Hello, friends!

Are you ready to plan a new month in your Daisy Notebook? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Eliza Hall: Take Flight and Plan in the A5 Daisy Notebook.

Hello Daisies! It’s April and I’m loving the April showers of Take Flight Collection. Of course,  I’m using the Take Flight A5 Daisy Notebook. I love separating one page into a whole week. I think It’s more functional for me. Then I added some stickers from the Take Flight Collection. I’m obsessed with all the little clusters I added at the bottom of the page. I didn’t want to hand-write the days of the week so I used day stickers and number stickers to document the day. I topped everything off with my favorite, washi!

I had a space at the bottom so I decided to make it fun and place all types of stickers down. Also, I added some quotes as well to make the bottom more meaningful. Then I added some washi on the side to bring it all together.

I love rainbows so I had to use these. I couldn’t get enough of how cute they were. I placed them at the bottom and found some labels from the kit to make a header for my goals section. This weekend sticker was just what I needed. Of course, I had to make it pop with some washi.

From here, I included a tab for my monthly meal planner. Meal planning is so essential to staying on track with your health goals and being able to document it in this Take Flight A5 Daisy Notebook is a game changer. Take Flight and Happy Journaling!


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