Sticker Saturday with the My Escape Collection

Sticker Saturday with the My Escape Collection
Hello, friends! Each month, the Cocoa Daisy collections have so many glorious stickers to choose from for embellishing your memory-keeping designs, planners, and journals. We asked a few members of the Creative Team to share how they use stickers from the My Escape Collection. Let's see what they have to say on this "Sticker Saturday". Tanti uses stickers in all her paper crafting endeavors. "I subscribe to the My Escape Sticker Kit and I use it not only for planning but also for journaling. This is how I used some of them on my My Escape Standard Daisy Dori Insert. The Hello June sticker is perfect to fill in the blank space on the first weekly spread, especially when the month doesn’t start on Monday just like this month. I just stuck it in the middle of that space and put some more embellishments all around it. I also like to use the vellum washi sheet from the same kit. I layered two of the vellum washi strips on the upper side of the page. Here, I used one of the vellum color swatch stickers to highlight an important appointment that I have that day. I will write on it using a permanent marker. The clipboard sticker is one of my favorites from the kit. Besides using it for my to-do list, I sometimes make it into a cute die-cut, so that I can use it to embellish my journal spread. I just stuck it onto white cardstock and then fussy cut it out." We love Tanti's idea to turn her stickers into die-cuts. You could put several of these sticker die-cuts together to create a page marker or make a tab to easily find your place in your planner. Carol likes to use stickers to embellish the pages of her Homeschool Planner. "Stickers! Yes, I’m always this excited about the My Escape Memory Keeping Sticker Kit. I use it primarily to dress up my My Escape A5 Dori Insert that I use to keep track of/plan our Homeschool. In this particular weekly spread, I decided to customize the insert by vertically cutting what is originally designed to be one horizontal weekly spread. I turned it into a middle page that allows me to plan out group subjects for Monday through Wednesday. When you turn the Dutch-door page, the other side is used for Thursday and Friday group subject planning. I divided out the a5 size pages into vertical columns for my three students, using the luggage and camera sticker icons to differentiate between columns. The quote sticker, which is normally a rectangle, got a bit of a makeover by cutting it apart into word strips. I like the whimsical touch of it. It is super fun to take a travel-themed sticker kit and morph it into something scholastic to fit my needs. Happy Sticking y’all!" Don't be afraid to alter stickers to make them work for you as Carol has shown here. Casie is "sticking" with her bible journaling practice by using stickers to prep her journal pages. "The My Escape Bible Journaling Sticker Kit has such a fantastic assortment of stickers to use in all different ways for bible journaling. I want to share the ways I most often utilize the kit - pre-decorating pages in my faith planner. I start with the washi sticker strips and adhere them to the middle, top, bottom, or side of the page. Those washi strips set the color scheme and from there I add layers of stickers surrounding it. I love the rectangle stickers that can be a jumping-off point for journaling like "today in one word" and "today is about". I find having the pages decorated allows me to focus on the scripture or sermon I am documenting. And I usually add more layers of stickers at the end to complete the page. Below is a video of me sharing completed faith planner pages using this pre-decorating style." We love how Casie adds stickers to her bible journaling pages first. It is so much easier to journal on a pre-decorated page, don't you think? When it's time for memory planning, Jennie always reaches for her stickers.
"Stickers for me are a no-brainer. They are cute, fun and so easy to use. Rarely do I do an all sticker week, but, sometimes, they are a MUST.
The whole reason I started memory planning was to document our busy days and some of those weeks are busier than others. When those busy weeks strike, stickers come to the rescue! They do the trick and help me get the stories told!
I have two tricks for using my stickers. The first is that I layer and cluster my stickers in groups of three. I have a background sticker, an anchor, and then an accent. If you look at all of the clusters in my visual triangle, you will see those. Occasionally, I will add two additional stickers/elements for a total of 5 - but this just adds two more accent stickers!
The second trick is alphabet stickers. They always add a decorative flair! Even though they are just documenting an activity or adding journaling, they make everything look better!"
We love Jennie's sticker clusters and how she used the alpha stickers to highlight moments in her memory planner.
We hope you are inspired to use stickers in your projects, to embellish and highlight items in your planners and journals. Share with us how you utilize stickers by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator