Setup Saturday with the Afternoon Tea Collection

Setup Saturday with the Afternoon Tea Collection
Hello, friends! We have another "Setup Saturday" for you featuring the new Afternoon Tea Collection. This kit is bright, and colorful, featuring fun illustrations including tea sets, pens and pencils, notepads, and even cute little planners! Let's see how our Creative Team put this collection to work for their planner setups. Cheryl's personal planner is brimming with all the beautiful goodies from this collection.
Hi Daisies, I am so excited about the month of May. The Afternoon Tea Collection is gorgeous and has the perfect colors to spring into summer! I had so much fun putting together the dashboards and planner pages.
First I trimmed the stunning floral acetate from the Afternoon Tea Classified: Planner Kit to page size and added the adorable embroidered bunny from last month to the bottom right-hand corner. I then placed it at the beginning of my planner just before the "May" dashboard. I used the Afternoon Tea Planner Dashboard kit in the Personal Planner size by cutting the dashboard down by 1/4 inch on all sides and adhering to a pretty piece of cardstock. I finished them up with a few embellishments!
I also use the pocket cards from the Afternoon Tea Modern Memory Keeping Kit framed by washi tape on cardstock backgrounds to make additional dashboards and dividers.
I folded the vellum down the side and trimmed the length to 6.75". Once laminated, I carefully sliced down the back where it was folded to create a pocket for stickers. Finally, I placed the pretty embroidered teacups on the front lower right-hand side.
The colorful week-on-page insert from the Afternoon Tea Planner Inserts is the perfect place for gratitude or a "thought for today."
I stamped the large numbers from the Beanstalk Alpha Outline Stamp Set to the calendar each day. The first week only used Sunday so I decorated the top half of the sheet with the die cuts and puffy stickers.
Following the colorful 7 days on one sheet is my weekly calendar. I use a variety of stickers to decorate each day. I complete the entire month which makes it easier to keep up with my planning. I keep any extra stickers in a pocket for future use.
Another fun item I love to make is a laminated page divider just using sequins and die cuts from the Afternoon Tea Collection. To make it, simply arrange your sequins and die cuts inside the lamination pouch and run it through your laminator. Take a look at my full setup in this video below!
When plans change, your planner should change with it! See how Laurie switching things up to accommodate a change in her monthly routine.
This month's theme is one of my all-time favorites from Cocoa Daisy!!! I love all things tea-related. Also, the colors are so vibrant and beautiful that I knew as soon as I found out that Christine was offering Afternoon Tea 12 x 12 papers I had to have them. This month my husband and I are also traveling to Europe so my planning needs will be a bit different. I decided to also purchase the Afternoon Tea Mini Dori to use on our trip. Here is where the 12 x 12 papers come into play. I took one of the beautiful chintz papers and constructed a pocket to keep my Afternoon Tea Mini Dori safe. I followed a YouTube tutorial from Joie de Fi to make this little pocket/holder. I really like how it turned out. I can either put it inside the planner pouch that came with the kit or just carry it in my purse as is.
Here is the pocket pouch on the inside. The left-hand side has another pocket which I used to tuck the clear card we got in the Afternoon Tea Classified: Planner Kit and wrapped with the washi to use with me on the trip. The top flap opens and I was able to put in some pocket cards and die cuts. The right-hand side has the side pocket that the Mini Dori slips into. The bellyband at the top helps to hold it closed.
Here it is with all of the goodies stuffed inside. I attached a few of the super cute teapot sticky notes from the Afternoon Tea Planner Kit to the side pocket.
This is the Afternoon Tea Mini Dori opened to the back page. I've decided to use it like a "field notes" journal to carry with us as we are sightseeing. I can jot down notes about the sights as we see them. I made another envelope using the papers from the kit which I attached to the back of the Dori and inside I have tucked some stickers I made using one of the stamp sets from a prior kit. I think this will be the perfect setup to take with me!! Share your planner setups with the Afternoon Tea Collection with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator