Setting up a Travel Planner with Wander Kits

Setting up a Travel Planner with Wander Kits
Hello, friends!
We are kicking off our Wander Collection inspiration with none other than a travel planner setup. Set up your travel planner once, and add to it as you embark on more adventures!

Kim Oedekoven: Travel Planner Setup


It's that time of year when daily plans make way for vacation bucket lists. This Wander Collection from Cocoa Daisy is the perfect base for a season-long Travelers Notebook. One of the best parts of using this system is that I can keep adding Cocoa Daisy notebooks as the months go by. Let's get this summer started!

Having a dashboard at the beginning is a great jumping-off point. I used the title card from the collection with a piece of paper from the notepad as a base and then topped it off with a sticky note giving me a place to jot down some travel memories.
On the back side, I took the Travitude notecard from the Wander Planner Add-On Kit, sliced it, and placed some of those fantastic travel tag stickers to create a vignette. The adhesive-backed die cuts also make an appearance too. Love how handy it is to have them ready to place wherever they are needed.
The papers included in the Wander Planner kit are always a welcome addition. I rotated them vertically this time, folded up the bottom edge, and slit down the middle to create a TN Pocket. After adhering the sides, it's an easy way to have a place to store stickers, travel maps, receipts, and other goodies picked up along the way.
A monochromatic theme is what I chose for the cover decoration. Strips of washi from the Wander Classified: Planner Kit roll along with several die cuts and stickers surround the notecard from the same. I sincerely hope your travels are safely full of adventures that will make memories that last a lifetime.

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator