Setting goals and tracking habits in your planner

2021... How did we even get here?  I feel like it was just last week I was typing up my very first post as a design team member for January 2020.  Yet here we are.  Do you know what I've been hearing a lot of from people? They are too scared to set goals because well, look how last year ended up?  BUT do not let that get in your way of setting yourself goals.  It's known that achieving something makes you feel good.  Set goals month by month.  If you find that works best for you then go for it.  There are NO rules when it comes to setting goals.  I've done just that... I'm sharing my yearly goals with a few monthly goals thrown in there.  Having small goals helps you to keep focus on working towards the bigger goals.  For example a small goal is reading more, already started and forgot how much I love to read.  Big goal, re-doing our balcony, it'll be a BIG job! This months kit, New Chapter, perfect name for the first kit of year, is nothing but PERFECT for this type of documenting in your planner.  Why?  Because the quotes, stickers and more are all about achieving and starting somewhere and if you ask me that makes it perfect for goals! I also wrote myself a little note, I write these to myself in my gratitude sides of things.  It's actually refreshing to get off your chest and give yourself the advice you would give a friend.  A little note to say, hey you matter, stop overthinking absolutely everything, lol. Sometimes I look down at my desk when I'm creating and think, wow that looks so good all together like that.  Like the moment above. The other thing I'm working on in my planner which is rather new for me is a habit tracker.  I've started by keeping it super simple.  If you don't want to track 10 habits then don't.  Just want to track the one?  Then go right ahead.  I've decided to track two and the cocoa daisy challenge which I need to go back in and fill and will by hand.  Didn't want to take away the type writing. I'm tracking reading, something in my goals list that I mentioned and this might sound silly, but one cup of coffee a day.  Now I think it's been easier for me because for one I was camping for the first bit of the year and second, it's so hot here that having something warm is just not really what I want.  So one cup of coffee a day is what I'm tracking.  As I can often have 2-4 without even realising it! Do you set monthly or yearly goals?  Do you habit track?