Set Up Saturday: Let it Snow Collection

Set Up Saturday: Let it Snow Collection

Hello, friends!

December is here and you know what that means? Another “Setup Saturday” featuring the latest collection: Let It Snow!


Personal Rings Setup: Let It Snow and Christmas Bonus Kit




With temperatures still lingering in the 80’s here in Miami, I’m grateful that my planner gets into the seasonal spirit! That’s what I love about setting up my planners each month. It can be winter in my planner even when it is summer all around me! For this setup, I relied heavily on the Let It Snow Main Planner Kit with the Personal Ring Inserts (unpunched) and the Christmas Bonus Kit



It is such a treat to open my planner and see all the collection’s cuteness greeting me. Decorating planner pockets feels a bit like putting a puzzle together, making sure all the little embellishments work with one another. To keep secure the pieces, I use a folded piece washi behind each element. They stay in place but are easy to remove one the month is over.



My monthly spread in my Let It Snow Personal Rings Inserts holds the “big” information for the month: Travel dates, appointments, deadlines and birthdays. I then have open space for decoration.



My weekly section is the largest section in my planner so I tend to decorate this divider the most. For the base of the divider I trimmed a paper from the Let It Snow Main Planner Kit and embellished with one of the sticky notes from the same collection. And yes, I wanted to give a nod to the Tropical climate I live in so I borrowed a few stickers from a past collection. The paper and decoration go together perfectly!



While I would love to be the type of planner girl that can plan a month of weekly spreads in one sitting, that’s just not me. But two weeks, I can do! These weeklies give me enough space to jot down tasks and events along with add a cute sticker or strip of washi from the Let It Snow Classic Planner Sticker Kit.


For this week, I focused my decoration around the page and keep the planning pretty streamlined. I had so much fun decorating the days of the week using the Let It Snow Memory Keeping Sticker kit. Some weeks, it’s all about tackling the to-do list, right?


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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator