Saturday Challenge: Let's Do Some Stamping!

Saturday Challenge: Let's Do Some Stamping!
Hello, friends! It's Saturday and we have a fun challenge for you! Let's get stampy! Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran of stamping, we encourage you to spend some time this weekend with your stamps. If you are like me, you might have a small collection piling up. Why not go through them and pull out some stamps you haven't used in a while. Or, grab the stamps from the Doodles and Dashes Collection to get you started. There was even an exclusive a la carte stamp this month, which many of you are really enjoying. To give you some inspiration, we asked our Creative Team to share some sensational stamping ideas with you. Check out April's use of the Doodles & Dashes Flower and Doodles Stamp Set in this layout!
"I don’t know if I have ever loved a stamp set more than the Doodles & Dashes Flower and Doodles Stamp Set. I have used a stamp on nearly every project this month. I love their versatility and delicate design. I tried something new on this page: layered black stamped images with lightly stamped florals in the background. I love the variety of layers and textures.
For this page: I traced the cropped photo with a pencil. Randomly stamped black florals in the corners and around the edges. Then, I added a faint pop of color with the layered floral circle stamps.
As that dried, I stamped the leafy design on black paper with white ink and then trimmed around the stamp image. I then played around with leaf placement before adhering down and filling in with die cuts to finish the page."
Stamps for Pauline's tracker page? Yes, please!
"I really loved September stamps. This set was perfect for a discrete decoration of this page from the A5 planner pages, which was already very colorful. That's why I decided to only use black ink for my stamping. This page is my future log for the month. I also love to use stamps on my dashboards, in order to personalize them. For this one, I only added a few stamps from the Doodles & Dashes Flower and Doodles Stamp Set to my dashboard and a bit of a washi tape on the side.
This is my other project where I love to use stamps: my tracker page! For this one, I used the Flower and Doodles Stamp Set stamps, alpha stickers, and an older calendar stamp. I use the calendar stamp for tracking no spend/no snack and cardio. I circle the day's number in green if I did the task correctly or make a red cross if I didn't. For my steps tracking I use more decorative stamps. I just add the day's number, and I color the stamp depending on how many steps I did this day.
In order to make a legend of the color for my steps, I used a stamp from the Doodles and Dashes Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. I added the color in the box with my pencils, and numbers with the pen that was in the Doodles & Dashes Classified: Planner Kit.
This is a global view of the tracking page. Both pages' background was made using A5 planner pages and adding washi tape on the side."
Evy took on our challenge and incorporated new and old stamps in her planner spread.
"Stamps are my great passion and every month I show you how I use them in my projects, both in my Simple Dori Traveler Notebook, in layouts, or mini albums. This month I will also show them to you in my planner because the stamps can be used everywhere. If you are new to the use of stamps, buy a good ink (I use the onyx black versafine) and an acrylic block and you are ready to go.
As you can see I use stamps in the planner in 5 different ways:
1- Date the planner pages.
2- Decorate the pages using the stamps in combination with the rub-ons. This is the first thing I do before I start filling out the planner.
3-Mark the various activities using symbols like the basket or the barbecue for the days of shopping and grilling.
4-Divide the various categories into individual days. The stitching stamp from the Peach Ridge Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, for example, divides the shopping Monday from the reminder on the TV series I'm watching.
5- Track activities that last all week, like tracking my posts on social media. Now you can go wild using stamps for a single thing or have fun mixing them! The next step? use colored inks or mix stamps with diecuts, rub-ons, or stickers.
All stamps used here are from my Cocoa Daisy stamp collection, many from several years ago. When you have been a Daisy for a while, you can acquire quite the collection. But the great thing about stamps is that you will never run out and they can be used forever!"
Stamps are truly the paper crafting gift that keeps on giving. Share your sensational stamping with us

by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator