Quick Tips To Decorate Your Planner!

Quick Tips To Decorate Your Planner!
Hello, Daisies! If you want to know the truth, this post is all about making your planner pretty, not functional. Ha, ha! Don't get me wrong, functional planners absolutely have their place. However, speaking for myself, if my planner looks pretty, it takes the "sting" out of my daily tasks. It makes them FUN to look at! Not everyone needs that, but it gives me the boost I need to get things DONE! Cocoa Daisy kits are a whimsical treat that I need in my life. I'm elated that I get a box of pretty papers delivered to my door monthly. It's something that I look forward to that's just for me... It's something that I count on. After I ogle my kit, here are some items that I reach for first to decorate with:
  1. Pocket Cards
  2. Patterned Papers
  3. Week-on-1-Page Insert
In the photo below, I put 3 pocket cards in the back of my Filofax planner. However, first, I looked at all the fronts & backs of the cards in the "Tranquility Memory Keeping: Pocket Cards Only Kit. " In this case, I chose to show the back of each card, because I loved the designs so much. I also rounded the corners of each card with a decorative punch. Cocoa Daisy's Planner & Memory Keeping kits come with beautiful patterned paper. I use them to decorate the inside of my planners. Seeing the paper is an instant delight! In the photo above, I used the striped paper from June's Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. I added a strip of paper to the left side under the elastic band. I also rounded the corners of the paper to give it a softer look. On the right side of the planner, I rounded the corners as well. (Note: The striped paper on the right side is actually paper-clipped to the top of a notepad. It's a pad that comes with every Filofax Original planner. It stays attached to the planner because the back of it sits inside of a pocket. ) In the photo below, I used patterned paper from the Denim & Blush Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. This time, I used a Webster's Pages planner (A5 size). I rounded the corners with a paper punch, added big bows. and put the sheets into the back pockets. (I'm obsessed with rounding corners!) The "week-on-1-page" insert that comes in the planner kit (personal & A5 size) is my favorite page of all! This insert has ALL the colors of the kit on one page. It's a colorful visual that just makes me happy! Kits always come with 5 pages, so often I use one sheet for a decorative purpose. Here, I've placed it in the back of my personal size planner: In the photo below, I've placed it in the front of my A5 size planner: The "week-on-1-page" insert is also an excellent backdrop for images! Use an image of yourself, a family member, or a friend. The next photo features inserts from the "Poppy Fields Planner Kit".  The photo below shows one of my celebrity crushes, Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio. Ahhhhh!  The website, Pinterest, and magazines are great sources for pop culture images. I hope something I've shared today inspires you. We're inspired by fellow crafters every day! How do you decorate your planner with Cocoa Daisy kits? We'd love to see it! Please tag us with your creations on Instagram ( @cocoa_daisy ) and/or share them with us in our private Facebook group ( Cocoa Daisy Fan Page ). Thank you so much for joining me today. Happy Planning! Tiffany ( @tiffanyvalentine_ on Instagram)