Quick Planning with Sun-Drenched Notebooks and Planner Kit

Quick Planning with Sun-Drenched Notebooks and Planner Kit

Hello, friends!

Planning can be quick and easy with the Sun-Drenched Notebook and Planner Kit!


Kim Oedekoven: Quick Planning with the Notebook and Planner Kit



I’ve recently had the pleasure of moving to Ohio! Setting up a household of 5 pretty much singlehandedly, I allotted myself 5 minutes to plan in my Sun-Drenched Standard Daisy Notebook  using only the Sun-Drenched Planner Kit to see what I could get done!



I created a double horizontal line with the patterned and dotted washi tape and added another slightly below to create a space for a weekly quote. The boxes are a great place to put my few timed appointments here in my new town. While I have done this before, taking the center from the ring reinforcers as dots for tasks.



The included PET sticker sheet is thinner than anything I have ever worked with before. Not only are they super sticky, there are several corner clusters, where two of the three sides are straight. Those particular designs are easy to work with because there is no thinking, just sticking. Even on top of the already subtle page designs, it lends itself well to an easy layered effect.


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