Purposeful Planning Using the Gather Collection

Purposeful Planning Using the Gather Collection
Hello, friends! Planning is very a personal endeavor and works best when it is customized to your life. There is no right way to plan, only what works best for you. The Cocoa Daisy Kits can help you develop a planning system that is all your own, and be a fun creative outlet, too! Today, our Creative Team shares a few specific ways they used the Gather Collection to meet their specific planning needs. Tiffany is all set for visits to the vet, thanks to this handy (and beautiful!) daily page.
As a fur mom of five (yes, five) rescue cats, I’ve gotten to know their veterinarian. The only trip I “plan” for in advance is their annual physical. However, I made a vet appointment checklist that I can refer to that covers physicals as well as emergency visits. I created a spread that is fun & functional!
I started by labeling each section of the inserts from the Gather Planner Kit. I chose blue alphas from the kit for the top of the page, and yellow alphas from the Gather Planner Add-On Kit for the bottom. The “Bring” and “Prep” labels are from the Gather Planner Sticker Kit. In the “Notes” section, I added my favorite vellum saying from the Gather Daisy Add On Sticker Kit.
A tab & divider is to the left of my checklist. I love this whimsical, polka dot patterned paper from the Gather Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit! The “Photo” chipboard and “Thankful” die-cut are also from this kit. I made a tag out of the sweet pocket card, and I absolutely had to add a photo of my beloved Tuxedo cat!
Sometimes, we need planning systems for very specific areas of our lives, like Carol’s planner dedicated to all things homeschooling.
As a homeschool mama to 3 Elementary-aged kiddos, it is imperative that I plan our assignments out in advance to stay on track. Today I am sharing a week on 2 pages spread in the Gather A5 Dori Insert. I love it when the products make it easy for me to set up the week. For the base layer, I used the day of the week tags from the Gather Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit as a holding spot for our group work. I also popped in the script “November” tag from the Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit on the left page for a fun detail and to mimic the font on the other page.
I added the “grateful” die-cut sticker to help the flow of the spread. At the bottom of each of the tags, I added a sentiment sticker from the Gather Modern Memory Keeping Kit that sort of goes along with the theme of our day/ subject we might be doing. But let’s face it, Monday needed that “Strong Coffee” sticker. I finished up by adding the assignments on each of the tags and underlining them with some watercolor. I sprinkled various stickers from the Gather Memory Keeping Sticker Kit to fill in white space, but also give me a place to jot things down as we move through our week.
Because this is for Homeschool, I like having a record of what we’ve done and will typically use a highlighter to go over the assignment once it is completed. This just gives us a better visual of what we have done while also not crossing out work I might want to see in the future.
The Daisy Dori is the perfect planning tool for seasons of life where you need everything in one place, like me!
When things get busy, and when I'm on the move, I like to use the Gather A5 Daisy Dori Insert to plan all the things. I like to trim it down to standard wide size (5 inches wide) so that I get a little extra room as compared to the Standard Dori while still fitting inside my traveler's notebook covers. This month, I needed a section to write down all my weekly tasks and events, a section for my morning pages, and a section memory planning daily notes. I was able to have all these sections in one little insert!
Since I trimmed the insert and cut off the front calendar, I decided to cover it using papers and alpha die cuts from the Gather Classified: Memory Keeping Kit.
A monthly overview is essential to any planning system I use and I'm ok with making my own, bullet journal style! The stickers from the Gather Planner Kit worked perfectly for creating my monthly. And I cannot get enough of these gorgeous floral die cuts from the Gather Classified: Memory Keeping Kit. Lately, I've had three categories I work from: Home, Work, and Personal. There are quite a few items in the home column due to a major move we are in the midst of. Color coding helps keep these tasks organized, plus, it's just fun to add a few highlights around the page. Instead of flight stickers, I used the inside of hole reinforcers to mark trips I am taking this month.
I love customizing my weekly layout based on my needs for the week. With the simple layout in the Daisy Dori Insert, the possibilities are endless! This is a great way to try out bullet journal style planning, without the pressure of staring at a completely blank page.
Make your planner adapt to you and for your changing needs. Share with us your planning style by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator