Product Spotlight: Sequins!

Product Spotlight: Sequins!
Hello Friends! If you received the Dandelion Wishes Classified: Memory Keeping Edition, you may have noticed a fun surprise this month: sequins! These sparkly embellishments give something extra to any design.¬†  

Carol Weatherspoon: Add Structure with Sequins

  Honestly, sequins are one of my favorite embellishments! They can add a little pop of glitz here or accent a page there, indeed the possibilities are endless.     For this spread, I used the sequin mix from the Dandelion Wishes Classified: Memory Keeping Edition. For the right side of the spread, I used a few sequins after the first line of my title and again as a frame around my circle focal point. As we get a close-up shot of the circle you can see the additional sequins that were added along with those adorable butterfly sequins. I also hid some journaling underneath the circle to add even more fun to this spread.     For the left side, I added just a few sequins to the top and right side to add a little sparkle.¬† I tried to be very thoughtful in my placement because that's my style, subtle yet dazzling. For your spread, you may choose to be a little more carefree with sequins, there is definitely no right or wrong way to use this awesome embellishment.  

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator