Product Feature: Home Sweet Home Planner Papers

Product Feature: Home Sweet Home Planner Papers

 Hello, friends!

A Cocoa Daisy fan favorite each month are the gorgeous planner papers featuring patterns and colors from the collection. The planner papers from the Home Sweet Home Collection are no exception! Keep reading to see a fun project featuring these papers. 

Kim Oedekoven: Planner Paper Project Ideas

planner paper sticker book


There is just something about flipping through a bound sticker book! Everything all contained and organized and right at my fingertips. I decided to make one with the papers and stickers from the Home Sweet Home Planner Kit for the month of November.


planner papers folder with planner kit stickers

I organized the sheets in the order I wanted them, and then binder clipped them tightly together along the left side. Using a thick liquid glue, I placed a bead down the edge making sure each page was adheared and then waited for it to dry.


I used the paper from the Home Sweet Home Planner Kit and trimmed 1/4 inch off the top, the full length, and made the long side edge just a hare bigger than the sticker sheets. To create the see through cover, I placed a piece of the clear acrylic overlay and glued it to the front leading edge of the book. Once the sticker pages were dried as a unit, I then put a bead of glue down the inside spine of the cover and placed it in there to dry completely.


planner pocket


I could have made another sticker book for the smaller sheets, but instead just added a pocket to the inside back cover for storage. The plaid vellum from the Home Sweet Home Classified Planner Kit made for a perfect opaque choice!


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