Customizing Your Planner Setup with Take Flight Kits

Customizing Your Planner Setup with Take Flight Kits

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Setting up your planner with each new kit is so fun! You can swap out covers to match the collection, too. Here are a few tips for customizing a planner cover with a different configuration. 


Kim Oedeokoven: Customizing Your Planner Setup


It’s like pocket roulette every time I purchase a new notebook cover There are either different size pockets or none at all. The latter is the case for this cute one, but no worries, I’ve always got you covered with a way to do some double duty holding the 3 x 5 notepad from the Take Flight Planner Kit.

I trimmed the kit patterned paper so that when folded in half the long way, it measured 4.75 x 8.5 inches. Then with it laying flat, using my rotary blade cut two slits an inch apart about an inch from the top on one side. This gave me ample space to slide the backer cardboard in and out of that slit. You can secure it with a piece of washi tape but I wanted to decorate the bottom front instead with some die cuts and stickers. 

Once the kit paper was folded in half, I adhered the top and bottom creating a pocket for my perennial favorite 4 x 5 sticker sheets included in the Take Flight Planner Kit and Take Flight Stationary Kit. Again, I can never have too many pockets or places to store my ephemera within my planning system! The more the merrier! 

I could have put another adhesive pocket from the Take Flight Planner Add-On Kit on the backside but this time I opted for a journal card. This was sized a traditional 3x4 but to spread it out and make a more a statement piece, I sliced it between each saying on the provided white space. Then, I attached the b-side of the original trimmed paper to make a base for my edifying thoughts to reflect on as the month moves steadily along.


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