Planning...but make it fun!

Planning...but make it fun!

Hello, friends!

An effective way to maintain a consistent planning system is to make sure it is something you love to use! Why not make the drudgery of tasks and to-do's a little more fun by making your planner setup beautiful. 


Kim Oedekoven: Planning...but make it fun!



Isn’t it the best feeling when you open your planner and see all the little pocket bits you’ve put together!? It doesn’t take long to make little pocket powerhouses that are functional and are a great way to use up the leftover bits as well.



A monthly, at-a-glance calendar is essential pocket fodder. This one is made of several elements. Using a left over sticky note , I punched a tab and then stamped “this month” which was included with the sentiments from the Wonderland Planner Add-on Kit. The Alpha stickers from this kit, were too bright so I just took a sharpie to them to change the color but keep the amazing graphic quality. And Lastly, a favorite sticky note from the Wonderland Main Planner Kit were placed on top of a trimmed Kit title card so i could write my calendar down and mark the two high points of the month with red circle stickers.



I always seem to use the trimmed pieces from the kit papers some way when I do a set up and this time I made a bookmark. Because I was trying to make a neutral pocket spread, and this was going in the front slot, I started with the black polka dot on the outside and worked my way in with the other two. Then to dress it up a little more, a journal card was placed each on the front and back side. It also doubles as a pencil board while writing in my insert as well.



For months now I have been dreaming of a functional way of using the overlay included in the Wonderland Planner Add-on Kit. Why not use it for sticker storage!? Placing dimensional foam tape on top and bottom after folding, makes a great place to travel around with my smaller stickers damage free in my Notebook Cover.

Inspired designs are always just a thought away!


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