Planner Setups: Daisy Fields Collection

Planner Setups: Daisy Fields Collection
Hello, friends! Are you in need of some planner inspiration using the Daisy Fields Collection? Look no further! Check out these three beautiful setups in today's post.

Kimberly Oedekoven: Standard Size Traveler's Notebook Setup

[embed][/embed]   I loved finding ways to incorporate pieces from the Daisy Fields Planner Kit into my setup, especially ones where I wouldn‚Äôt cut or transform into something else. I place them front and center in my planner for a functional, yet decorative way. This month we‚Äôve received a clear acetate on which to place the meal planner sticky notepad on. Pockets are one of my favorite things to add to my covers because it makes that space even more functional than it is in protecting my planner inserts. But with this quite wide and dimensional item, it requires a little more thought than your standard pocket. By making an accordion pocket, it aids in making any bulky item easily accessible, and in this case, there was so much extra room, I also added the notepad from the Daisy Fields Planner Kit as well. Let‚Äôs get to how to make a simple version of this function treat. I took two sheets off the notepad and created 2 folded fans by folding back and forth, roughly ¬º inch in width.¬† You can have as many folds as you‚Äôd like, but I found 3 to be just about right. Then I just attached it to the backside piece of kit packaging on both side edges.¬† And yes, I got a little cheeky with it by having the squirrel peek out on either side because I did some ‚Äúselective‚Äù folding:) I could have left well enough alone, but I didn‚Äôt think the accordion part needed to be fully extended on the bottom part of the pocket so I did adhere the folds together just in the bottom corners. The last step was the decoration, my favorite part! The mischievous squirrel on the stack of books had to come to join the party and I did top the pocket off with some washi and a scrap of orange paper! Simple. Functional. Pretty!  

Sian Carter Create the Categories you Need

September brings more than just the change of seasons for me. I‚Äôm moving at the end of the month, and life overall needs some refocus.   With this in mind, I began to set up my A5 Daisy Dori inserts. Additionally, I enjoy transporting my planner with me and thus transportability and ease of accessing designated space in my planner is a must.
To achieve my vision, I utilized the Daisy Fields A5 Daisy Dori Inserts, Daisy Fields Planner Kit,Daisy Fields Classified: Planner Kit, and the Daisy Fields Planner Add-On Kit in my set-up. There was so much to play with to curate the best set-up for this season of changes. It was important to me to have plenty of note space to jot down any and everything on the go.
I loved the large tabs in the Daisy Fields Planner Kitand they helped organize my set-up. And how perfect, the kit included the exact labels I needed: September goals, daily to-do lists, notes, meal plan, and challenges. The meal plan sticky notes and decorative acrylic piece fit perfectly in the front pocket of my A5 traveler’s cover. How cute!
Upon opening my planner, I used permanent adhesive to secure the super functional sticky arrows that I knew I wanted front and center to jot down tentative plans that pop up "on the go".
Underneath my notes tab, I created a moving checklist spread and a September reading log. I’m a total bookworm and adored all of the bookish die cuts and stickers with the cute mice cuddled up next to book stacks.
Lastly, underneath my challenge tab, I created a daily proverbs challenge. If you’re not using the weekly pages in your Cocoa Daisy inserts for planning, they are perfect for daily journaling. What categories or tabs are you including in your set-up this month?

Natasha Pytlik: Discbound B6 Rings Planner Setup

Ever since I started with creative planning several years ago, I have always loved discbound planning and I am so excited to work in a new to me but familiar size, the Daisy Fields B6 Ring Inserts! Setting up my planner for the month ahead really is a great way to hold myself accountable to ensure I am ready to hit my goals for the month but also something that is beautiful and inspires me to return to my planner pages each day.
For my planner front pocket and the main planner divider, I kept with a color scheme of purples, warm yellows, and peach tones. I am truly obsessed with the purple gingham print washi from the Daisy Fields Classified: Planner Kit and made sure to include that front and center as well as throughout the deco of my setup.
I like to create a pretty and inviting setup, but it is important to me that it is still functional. To that end, I created a great little pocket using a patterned paper from the Daisy Fields Planner Kit to be able to carry the smaller-sized stickers from the Daisy Fields Planner Add-On Kit and Daisy Fields Classified: Planner Kit. I stapled my sticker sheets together to create a mini sticker booklet.
In addition to my planner dividers that break up my planner into different sections, I like to include a special page marker to be able to navigate my planner as efficiently as possible for finding the current week or day. My favorite page marker that I created this month was using the vellum from the Daisy Fields Classified: Planner Kit, trimming it down to b6 size and punching it using my arc disc punch. To add a little extra detail, I selected a few of the florals from the Daisy Fields Planner Kit rub-ons and applied those around the sentiment. With some more of that gingham washi and tabs from the Daisy Fields Planner Add-On Kit, I was able to finish it up and add those final details that make it functional and in my opinion, super cute!
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator