Plan It Out with the Umber and Gold Collection

Plan It Out with the Umber and Gold Collection
Hello, friends! I know we are still in September, but it's never too early to start planning out October. We have a few ideas and inspiration from our Creative Team, especially when it comes to utilizing stickers from the Umber & Gold Collection in your planner practice. Since many of the sticker sheets have consistent looks or shapes each month, you can start to create a planner style that works specifically with the stickers provided in the kits. Or, you might be drawn to the unique designs from each month and use those to decorate your pages and inspire you to create a consistent planning habit. We have a few ideas and inspiration from our Creative Team, especially when it comes to utilizing stickers in your planner practice. Maybe your style is a little bit of both: fun and functional! Ever wonder how to utilize the Daisy Dori Inserts for planning? Keep reading because Jennifer has a few great ideas for you.
"This is how I set up my weekly overview page in my Umber & Gold Standard Dori for the entire month. This is very helpful for me because I have a place to put those things that pop up mid-day. I can jot things down on this page and transfer them to the correct week or day when I sit down to plan. The circles from the Umber & Gold Daisy Add On Sticker Kit are some of my favorites for marking the week number and the rectangles from the Umber & Gold Bible Journaling Sticker Kit are perfect for making a to-do list.
On the bottom of my weekly overview page, I like to use the clipboard stickers from the Umber & Gold Classic Planner Sticker Kit to list out the Cocoa Daisy Challenge prompts. Since there are 7 slots on the clipboards, they make a great weekly tracker! I also drew a tracker for items I want to complete each day of the week.
A little gratitude goes a long way! Here is how I create my Gratitude Page.
Step 1: Label the top of the page with a Hello, October sticker from the Classic Planner Sticker Kit.
Step 2: Add some motivational stickers from the Daisy Add On Sticker Kit. I particularly love these because there are days where it’s harder than others to find something to be grateful for, and these quotes always inspire me to dig deeper.
Step 3: Add decoration! I used a full box from the Umber & Gold Memory Keeping Sticker Kit and then placed alphas on top to spell out grateful.
Step 4: Add your dates! There are a lot of options between the Umber & Gold Planner Kit, the Umber & Gold Planner Add On Kit, the Memory Keeping Sticker Kit, and even the Bible Journaling Sticker Kit. This month, I used the date flags from the Bible Journaling Sticker Kit Kit to finish my pages. Now, I’m ready to reflect and list one gratitude each day in October!"
We agree with Natasha that a pretty planner page is far more inviting than a blank one.
Lately, I have been using the Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapter Insert as a planner for the mantras and thoughts from my daily meditation that I do each morning. For me, if something is cute, I am 10x more likely to utilize my planner and/or notebook. It keeps me interested and in turn, keeps me on track with my plans and intentions. This is the main reason creative planning has stuck with me for so long. When it comes to creative planning and making things cute, Cocoa Daisy kits is my go-to! The Umber and Gold Sticker Kits make it so easy to pull together a spread without making your journal pages too bulky for future use. In this project, I am using the Umber & Gold Daisy Add On Sticker Kit and the Umber & Gold Memory Keeping Sticker Kit.
Since this week is a split week between September and October, I have used two different colors to date my planner. To achieve this, I used the Cocoa Daisy Alpha and Number Stamp Set with two coordinating ink colors. It is a great way to show the change in the month in a creative way.
I also took advantage of the Subscriber printable which I printed on white matte sticker paper which basically created a giant sticker. I love printing my printables on sticker paper versus cardstock, as I can get the added interest and beauty of the collection without causing too much bulk. I tore the sticker paper for an organic rustic feel which I think coordinates well with the fall vibes of the Umber and Gold Collection. I have a quick process video that guides you through this process of creatively planning out my week in my daily meditation journal. Be sure to join me over on Instagram where I will show the completed layout the following week.
We hope you are inspired to use the Umber & Gold Collection in your planner. Share your planner spreads with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator