Pick Three: the Spice Market Collection

Pick Three: the Spice Market Collection
Hello, friends! Sometimes, less is more and we are taking that approach with today's "Pick Three" challenge using the Spice Market Collection!

Amy Argyros: Rub-Ons, Stickers, and Puffy Alpha's

When I am creating a layout or working on any paper crafting project using Cocoa Daisy products, I love to select products from several different kits. This month’s Spice Market Collection didn’t disappoint! The collection had so many amazing items to choose from…it was difficult to select just three! To get the process started, I needed to decide on what story I wanted to tell. My craft group recently got together to celebrate July birthdays. our whole group was together in-person for the first time in over a year! I thought it would be a great day to document. I then determined my project size – TN layouts are always a great way to document smaller stories. I selected a page in the Spice Market Simple Dori from the Spice Market Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit for the base of my layout. Picking three products became fairly easy from there – the Spice Market Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit rub-ons, stickers from the Spice Market Memory Keeping Sticker Kit, and puffy alphas from the Spice Market Modern Memory Keeping Kit.
I loved all the rub-ons in this collection and knew they were an item I wanted to include in my project. I ultimately selected the rub-ons from the Spice Market Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. The colors in the splatters paired nicely with the paper in the Spice Market Simple Dori. I also loved the border rub-on with the circles and flowers…but I had a little mishap!
It’s rare for me not to have a label somewhere on my projects, so I looked through the Spice Market Memory Keeping Sticker Kit. The Spice Market Memory Keeping Sticker Kit has a good selection of washi strips and, of course, labels! I also found a few word phrases and a couple of potted plants I thought would work well. I then selected the bold pink puffy alphas from the Spice Market Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I thought it was a great color and would make my title pop!
I began creating the journaling page. I worked from bottom to top. I added a rub-on, then the washi strip, photo strip, and a label with the date. Before I placed my plant sticker, I added a bit of foam to pop it up ever so slightly. I then moved to the top of the page. In hindsight, I should have added my journaling, but I wasn’t too sure about spacing, so I chose to wait. I went ahead and added the splatter, then my title, and lastly the cute border rub-on. And then I moved on to the left-hand side of my page.
I placed my photo and added the “GOOD times” flag stickers, which I popped up with a little foam. I added the label with the “SPECIAL MOMENTS” phrase and a potted plant sticker. I then went back to complete my journaling, which I typed out on my computer and printed on clear mat sticker paper. I had just peeled the backing off my subtitle “WONDA & TIFFANY” and started to place it…I even thought I had touched down in the correct space…and then it JUMPED right out of my hand and landed on top of my beautiful rub-on border!!!
I was in shock and couldn’t believe it. Sitting there, I thought “how the heck did that just happen?!?” I finally pulled myself together and focused on how to save my layout. Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph my disaster or my process to save my layout to share here, however, I can tell you all the details. I broke out my Un-Du hoping it would only pull up the clear sticker paper…but it didn’t. It pulled up the sticker paper AND the rub-on! I was so sad. What had been a cute, simple layout now needed something more to hide my mishap.
Since I was limiting myself to just three products, I only had one option. My solution had to come from the Spice Market Memory Keeping Sticker Kit. Thankfully there are so many stickers in the kit I was able to find just the ticket…or should I say label. I decided to move the label with the “SPECIAL MOMENTS” phrase I had placed on my left page over to hide the missing rub-on. I then selected a new light blue label and added the “LOVIN’ LIFE” phrase sticker in to fill in. It’s not quite as simple a layout as I had wanted, but I managed to make it all work out and document our day!
Until next time…Happy Crafting!
Traci Reed: Mandalas, Three Ways
When I was looking at the Spice Market Collection, I knew I wanted to focus on the mandalas in the collection, so for my pick 3, I decided to use 3 instances of them on my layout!
I used the printed mandalas on the paper, journal card, and tag to frame my photos and then built my layout from there!
Jennie McGarvey: Stamps, Paper, and Die Cuts
Pick 3? No problem! I knew I would choose some stamps - I *always* want to use stamps. In addition to the stamps from the Spice Market Collection, I chose patterned paper and die cuts.
To start, I selected two patterned papers, both the ledger and the green + deep blue patterned papers from the Spice Market Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I wanted to have a strip that took up about half of the left-hand side of the page and went under my three photos. The green in the paper was the perfect accent to my photos! I found the ledger paper was wonderful as a background paper for the right-hand side of the page.
Two main clusters of embellishments adorn this layout using both die cuts and stamps. On the left-hand side, I layered two die cuts together and accented them with the stamped phrase from the Spice Market Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I do love those triangle stamps die cuts!
On the right-hand side, I started with the stamped tag for my cluster. Then, I added a cluster of 3 die cuts overlapping the edge of the stamp. However, I couldn't stop there. That half-circle stamp was begging to be used and was perfect right here!
These three items were perfect for this simple page documenting the flowering of my succulent plants this spring. Which three items would you choose from the Spice Market Collection?
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