Pairing Large and Small Embellishments

Pairing Large and Small Embellishments

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The Let It Snow Collection features embellishments of all shapes and sizes. Have some fun and use them together in one memory keeping spread!


Jennie McGarvey: Pairing Large and Small Items 

Pairing large with small embellishments is exactly what I love to do! A person can pull together several same-size items that look beautiful together. Most of the time though, there is at least one bit or piece smaller than the others. It just looks better and has better balance.



On each layout, I create clusters and within those clusters, I balance the size of the items each time. Ordinarily, there is one large item, one slightly smaller item, and one small item. This helps provide balance and interest in each cluster.



Not only do I do that in each individual cluster, but when comparing my main clusters as a whole (usually three that make up a visual triangle) one is usually bigger than the others and the main focal point.



In this memory planner layout, I created one large cluster on the left-hand side using the Daisy Planner stickers included in the Let It Snow Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I layered a box from the Let It Snow Memory Keeping Sticker kit and then a handful of other much smaller stickers. As you can see, I balanced that LARGE sticker with the smaller stickers and the cluster has more visual weight at the bottom.



Each of the other two clusters get smaller and smaller which balances the layout as a whole and doesn't make it feel overwhelmed with decoration.


Pairing large and small elements together is easy to do and creates a beautiful embellishment or project everytime!


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