Number Stamp: 4 Ways in Memory Planner

Hello, friends!   It's Stamping Saturday and today we are getting inky with Number Stamps!     A numeric stamp is so useful for memory planning! The Lillian's Garden Modern Memory Keeping Kit¬†came with this gorgeous number stamp. Let's see how I put it to use in my memory planner!

Week Number/Month/Date

It's helpful to know what week in the year you are on, and in the Daisy Planner, there is a space to mark this information. I decided to layer the number stamp from the Lillian's Garden Modern Memory Keeping Kit with the preprinted "Week No." text. The number stamp could have been used to stamp the dates, but I didn't want the spread to feel too crowded, so I opted for the date stickers from the Lillian's Garden Planner Add-On Kit instead. For more stamping fun, I included the Spring Garden Stamp Set, which I stamped onto cardstock and fussy cut, creating a die cut.

Appointment Times/Hours

I don't always include appointments in my memory planner, but when I do, it probably means it was significant. We are in the early stages of thinking about housing for when we return to Miami this fall, and we had our first tour with our agent, which I wanted to document. To highlight it, I decided to use the number stamp for the time of the appointment and use stickers from the Lillian's Garden Planner Add-On Kit and my handwriting to fill in the details. You can do a full hourly layout, stamping every couple of hours (9 am, 12, 3 pm, 6 pm, etc). This would be a great way to fill space and tell a "day in the life" without photos.  


The number stamps are also perfect for listmaking in your memory planner! Here I'm listing my goals for the Patreon I just launched, and love being able to look back and remind myself of my "why". Listing can come in all forms, including creative listing in the Lillian's Garden Simple Dori, perhaps!

Captions for a group of numbered photos.

Sometimes, you have a lot of photos captured in one day. When this happens, you can always number the photos and use the number stamp with the caption for the photo. Here, I created a flip with cardstock with photos on the outside and inside. Next, I used the number stamp and the stitch stamp from the Lillian's Garden Traveler‚Äôs Notebook Memory Keeping Kit to create my captions for each photo.¬†  

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator