My Monthly Planning Process

 Hello Daisy Friends! Welcome back to the blog. I’m so excited to be sharing today my monthly planning process. I have been monthly planning for some time and I notice a huge difference in my productivity and my anxiety levels! It's helped me plan ahead and set up my month for success. I hope this process inspires you to plan and organize your schedule ahead of time! 

First, here are some reasons that monthly planning may be something you want to try!

-You will feel like you have your life together. Seriously, it's so nice to be able to pop that birthday card in the mail the week before someone's birthday! -You will be on top of appointments, meetings, play dates, etc. If you're able to put them in your monthly and migrate them to your weekly/daily planning. But having everything you need to know in one place will save you time, and space when you're able to get rid of those appointment reminders! -You won't feel rushed! Do you have other things besides work and home to focus on? I am in charge of our children's church and so understanding who has the lead that week in advance helps me better prepare the lessons.

My Monthly planning process!

1. I look at the past month and reflect on how it went. I usually don't do a reflection "page" but I just take some time before setting up the next month to think about what worked, what didn't, what needs to be on the calendar to be more productive. 2. I then set and plan my goals. Again, I usually don't make a page in my planner for this (which as I'm writing this, think is a¬†great¬†idea!) Check out this post¬†from the amazing Kelli Winnell on Setting Goals and Tracking Habits In Your Planner. 3.Check all calendars: work, home/spouse, church, etc that may effect your daily schedule. Take a look and add those dates to your calendar. I¬†love¬†that Cocoa Daisy has stickers for the monthly holiday's in the main planner kit. This makes it super simple to create a beautiful, but functional spread! 4. Content/Project Planning. If you blog, have instagram or facebook, run a side business, or just want some more flow into your social media life, I would highly suggest planning your content! I use apps to help me. My favorite is Preview App! This is also a way to create content for the week and be set to just hit "publish" and not spend hours a day trying to come up with something. Having something written down and a focus for the month will be a game changer! I hope this post encourages you to try monthly planning and see how it can work for you. It's been a game changer for increasing my productivity and reducing my stress levels, so I hope it helps you too.