Marvelous Memory Planning in the Daisy Planner

Marvelous Memory Planning in the Daisy Planner
Hello, friends! We are smitten with the Daisy Planner and hope you are, too! With its streamlined design and options for horizontal or vertical planning, it is versatile enough to be for most planning styles. We especially love it for memory planning, a mix of planning and memory keeping! Today, our Creative Team is excited to share their memory planning spreads. And, in case you missed it, we are offering Memory Planning Step by Step, a class that heavily features the Daisy Planner, so make sure to check that out! Jennie is rocking a rolling in her Daisy Planner this year! I'm loving the Daisy Planner that I'm using for my memory planner. That probably seems like it doesn't need to be said, but I feel like it does! Everyone has a different style of memory keeping and we should all be happy with how we're doing it. You may love and admire someone else's work, but create what YOU love and what works for you. What works for me is this. An unbound Daisy Planner that I can put on discs. That way, I can remove the pages to write and stamp. The Meadow Memory Keeping Sticker Kit was perfect for my week of Easter. As you can see, I created three clusters for my visual triangle. However, I also included rub-ons from the Meadow Modern Memory Keeping Kit and I'm really quite happy with how it all came together! Check out my process here, along with tons of process videos in this planner on my YouTube Channel! [embed][/embed]   We love how Natasha puts her Daisy Planner inside a 6X8 ring album!
I started using the Daisy Planner in 2021 for my memory planner and I haven’t looked back since! I love the flexibility that the Daisy Planner provides. One of my most favorite things is the neutrality of the pages- a totally blank canvas to allow the kits to really show off. And the Afternoon Tea Collection does not disappoint.
I use the unbound version of the Daisy Planner and punch then store my pages in a ringed binder. I do switch out the horizontal and vertical layouts depending on the week- how many photos I have, what took place, and if I am leaning towards relying heavily on decorative items versus photos and stories.
This week as I had several photos so I went for the vertical style layout. I used the bold number stamp set from the Afternoon Tea Modern Memory Keeping Kit to make a statement as well as provide a balance to the bright and colorful elements of Afternoon Tea.
This is a little peek behind the curtain of what I have found to work for me and the Daisy Planner. I think it is such a versatile planner that no matter what type of papercrafter you are, you will find it a valuable product to use in your lineup.
We are always so inspired by what Jennie and Natasha created in their Daisy Planner! If you love it, too, sign up for the Memory Planning Step by Step class to see more exclusive memory planning lessons from these two ladies along with several others!
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator