Lists and Plans in the Into the Blue Notebooks

Lists and Plans in the Into the Blue Notebooks

Hello, friends!

The Into the Blue Daisy Notebooks can be used for a listing companion to your planner or an actual planner. 

Kimberly Oedekoven: Undated List Pages in the Standard Notebook

July for me has fewer activities and more lists. Places to go, things to do, and bucket list items to check off! This 2-page spread in my Into the Blue Standard Daisy Notebook is a lister's playful wish!



While it looks like a paper detail from the Into the Blue Planner Kit, it is actually a pocket! After ripping and adhering both to the page I added some sticker within and on top of it to make it look like it was embedded onto the pages like the pre-printed pages do. Using the vellum overlay and some packaging, I placed a row of checklist boxes and flanked each with more vellum stickers on a list bookmark and tucked it into the pocket.



The right side also has some listing spots provided by both the sticky notes from the Into the Blue Planner Kit and the Into the Blue Stationery Kit. I love how they are both unique companions on this page. Along the edges, I’ve placed and overlapped more stickers including the one where the date will go!


Eliza Hall: Into the Blue A5 Daisy Planning



Hello Daisies! I love the Into the Blue Collection. If you love the sea, this kit is for you!

In my Into the Blue A5 Daisy Notebook, I started off using most of the stickers and stationery from the Into the Blue Collection. My favorite elements were the faux washi. I am so in love with the faux washi that comes with the kit and it layers so well. The sea creatures and mermaids were amazing and I couldn’t plan my spread without using them. This collection has a beautiful aesthetic.



The Into the Blue A5 Daisy Notebook is so compact and I love it. I started by dividing the page into fourths so that I could divide the days. I put my stickers down first and attempted to stick them down around the edges and a couple in the middle between the days. I love doing this as it makes the page seem more natural. Then I added July to the top and more sea creatures so it wouldn’t seem bare. I love the washi that came with the kit, especially the anchor washi from the Into the Blue Creative Kit.



Once I placed all the stickers, I placed washi in each box. I used the anchor washi first and then went back and layered the multicolored wash and placed it in opposite boxes as layering pieces. Lastly, I used the day stickers from the Into the Blue Stationery Kit to put on the washi in each box. Can you say “cute?” I love how it came out.

Make sure you check this main kit out! I can’t wait to sticker up my planner!


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