Let's Embellish with the Into the Blue Kits!

Let's Embellish with the Into the Blue Kits!

Hello, friends!

There are oodles of wonderful embellishments found in the Into The Blue Scrapbooking Kit and Into the Blue Creative Kit that are sure to make your pages pop. 

Linda Jordan: Beach and Summer Quote Labels



I was super inspired by the fun label embellishments in the Into The Blue Scrapbooking Kit. The labels had beach and summer-themed quotes, perfect for documenting a trip to Cape Cod in 2020 for my daughter's album. I measured the width of the labels using my ruler and then printed out an assortment of photos from the vacation that featured my daughter at that same width.



I arranged the photos + labels in columns on the page and had fun alternating between the fun phrases of the labels and the photos to get a balanced spread. Because the columns didn't perfectly fill the page (I'm using 8 1/2 x 11 paper), I added some of the washi from the collection down the sides of the page. Then I used the large alphas in the  Into The Blue Scrapbooking Kit to create a bold title across two columns.



Once I had everything arranged on the page, I was able to quickly adhere it down. The label embellishments were stickers, so it was super easy to just peel off the backing and adhere them to my page. Finally, I topped off the spread with a simple chipboard right under my title. I absolutely love how this one came together!



Traci Reed: Washi Sticker Book



When I saw the flip book sticker pad in the Into the Blue Creative Kit, I just knew I had to find a way to use them on the page because they were a CHALLENGE for me! Not only are they small rectangular stickers, but they're semi-transparent as well!



I decided to create a page with a strong linear/boxy vibe to play off all the rectangles I was going to add by using four 2.5" square photos AND two journaling cards in addition to 4 stickers from the sticker pad. Arranging these in a vertical collage provided all sorts of corners where I could then add clusters of non-boxy die cuts and stickers from both the Into the Blue Creative Kit and Into The Blue Scrapbooking Kit to make the page feel more free-flowing.



Lastly, I finished off the page by adding quite a few rub-ons mainly from the Into the Blue Creative Kit into both the background and foreground to add to the painterly vibe of the background paper I chose!



Pro-tip: when working with vellum stickers, place them over a light color on your layout so they're visible!


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