Interactive Element with Sun-Drenched Collection

Interactive Element with Sun-Drenched Collection

Hello, friends!

Check out this fun, interactive elements that you can use to hold photos, journaling and ephemera!


Renee Day: Interactive Element with Sun-Drenched Collection



A few score marks and a couple of cuts later, here is a creative way to share pictures from a fun adventure. To decorate, I used beautiful double-sided folded papers, stickers, and a sticky note from the Sun-Drenched Planner Kit.



I made simple little pockets to hold pictures and added decorative stickers (the firefly and hummingbird are my favorites!) and die-cut stickers with mini tabs. The lovely bits of stationery are from the Sun-Drenched Creative Kit, this is a must!



And once everything was folded, I placed a piece of Velcro to keep it closed. Don’t you just love how all the papers, washi tape, and designs work so well together? I just can’t get enough of the Sun-Drenched Collection.


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