Hello October: the Autumn Thicket Collection

Hello October: the Autumn Thicket Collection
Hello, friends! October is here and that means a look inside a few cozy planner setups featuring the Autumn Thicket Collection. We have a few changes to some of the inserts, too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcuw8l013UA

Laurie Grabarkewitz: B6 Discbound Setup

Each month when I get my "box of happy", I go through the whole thing and pick out my favorites: papers, die cuts, and the miscellaneous goodies that vary each month. This month was filled with so much extra goodness it was hard to decide!! I have really been enjoying using my B6 folio that I fill with the disc system so I decided to expand on this system.¬† Last month, I used it for my scripture writing, and this month I am going to add to this with a new idea I got stemming from the additional set of stripped pages that came in the Autumn Thicket B6 Daisy Dori.   I took the booklet apart and I am going to use the first set of stripped pages for gratitude which I have been doing all year. I loved the paper from the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit that came with all of the tags that we could cut out. For my dashboard for this section, I cut out and added one of the tags and stamped it with one of the stamps from the Autumn Thicket Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I also added one of the pocket cards. I made this dashboard slightly narrower than the stripped pages so you can see all of their prettiness peeking thru.   For the second set of stripped pages that come with the Autumn Thicket B6 Rings Inserts, I have created an "in the news" section, where I will jot down some interesting world news each day. The other goodie we got this month was the large-size notepad. It is almost the size of a b6 page so it fits perfectly in with my other pages. I am going to devote a section to meals and grocery lists. I just used some of the stickers from the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit to divide up the page between the menu and what ingredients I may need to purchase. I really love how versatile this kit was. It had just the right amount of blank space to add creativity to but enough of the pretty from the Autumn Thicket Collection if you want to use it as is.  

Karma Isis Clark: Speciality Planner Pages with Daily Inserts

It’s Fall Y’all! Down here in Texas, we get about a week or two of crisp fall weather if we’re lucky, so I have to resort to creating all the Fall vibes on my own! The Autumn Thicket Planner Kit helps to bring that Autumn Aura to my planner and I just had to expand that aura to my home with Autumn Aromas!
I set up a page in my Autumn Thicket A5 Ring Inserts that gives my favorite autumn aromatherapy essential oils blend recipes.
I used the back of one of the daily planner pages and made myself a checklist of the oils that can be used to evoke the fall feels.
I also made a dashboard using the die-cut tabs and small letters so I could easily find my recipes in a fall flash.
I used the die cuts to make some adorable fall SCENTED bookmarks with some of my favorite fall blends by soaking the blend onto a tissue and placing the tissue and bookmark in a plastic zip lock overnight to absorb the aroma – so now my planner not only looks like fall but smells Autumn Amazing also!

Cheryl Reiter: Personal Rings Planner Setup

Hi all, I love cozy weather and all the warm colors that go with it! The colors of the Autumn Thicket Collection are filled with reds, browns, golds, and a touch of blue - just like the autumn season. My opening dashboard for October's planner features the "October" dashboard from the Autumn Thicket Planner Dashboard Kit along with washi tape and "hello" in the puffy alphabet stickers from the Autumn Thicket Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I keep the monthly calendar just behind the "hello October" dashboard.
I used the stunning thicket overlay, layered with the acrylic bookmark and Fall Prep tracker sticky note pad. Having it at the front of my planner makes it very convenient to locate and use!
The following dashboard I created using the Owl dashboard from the Autumn Thicket Planner Dashboard Kit and the "Joy" vellum sticker from the Autumn Thicket Bonus Add-On Sticker Kit.
I keep my daily gratitude documented on the Colorful 7 days on one page. The reverse of the Owl dashboard is where I created a place to write my goals. I used the gorgeous "grateful" vellum sticker from the Autumn Thicket Bible Journaling Sticker Kit to embellish the weekly page. I plan on creating a "Thankful" Dori with the rest of the Bible Journaling Stickers.
The "In Love with Cozy Weather" is the perfect dashboard to section my weeks. I decorated further with washi tape, stickers, and iridescent enamel dots.
I placed Simon from the Autumn Thicket Classified: Planner Edition on the reverse of the "Cozy Weather" dashboard along with washi, stickers, and the enamel dots! I love using the enamel dots and all the washi!
"The Fall is in the Air" is the dashboard for the "Daily To-Do" section. The sweet deer die-cut and the pine cones are layered on the mushroom washi tape from the Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit. I usually ruffle the washi to give it more dimension.
I keep all the "To-Do" pages together after the weekly pages in their own section. I changed the front sheet for the "To-Do" to "Month" for a place to quickly write down what I want to do that month.
Lastly, I used the Halloween Bonus Kit to create a dashboard and a section for my Halloween favorites and notes.
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator