Happy Mail Is Easy As 1-2-3...

Hello, Daisies! What is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face? Happy Mail! When have you ever received a nice, handwritten letter and frowned? Never! Someone you know would love to open up their mailbox and receive news from you. Creating Happy Mail is easy with four basic steps:
  1. Print free designs from the Cocoa Daisy Website.
  2. Cut & paste the images onto paper and envelopes.
  3. Write a note.
  4. Put it in an envelope, add postage & mail it.
This is so easy to make. Friends, grab the following: your Cocoa Daisy free printables, scissors, glue stick, an envelope, postage, paper & pens.  Okay, let’s play! PRINT Print the Orchard Path Free Planner Printables on your favorite paper. There are 11 pages of gorgeous designs! I printed them on 65lb. white cardstock that I purchased at an office supply store. DECORATE Next, it’s time to cut & paste. Choose your favorite images, then cut and paste them onto the envelope. The printable shown in the photo above is from page 3 of the file. I chose the flower on the bottom left of the printable to frame the postage stamps. I printed this page out twice, so that I could place identical blooms above & below the stamps. I adhered the postage stamps to orange cardstock. Then, I cut them out and glued them to the envelope. Next, I drew 4 lines for the address using a ruler and a white, gel pen. The envelope shown is A9 size (5-3/4” x 8-3/4”). The stationery shown above is from the Orchard Path A5 Day Planner Kit . You can also find it in here . I cut the double-sided page in half. Next, I used a corner rounder punch to soften the edges of the paper. Please keep in mind that you can also use the planner pages in the Orchard Path Free Planner Printables for stationery. I’m enclosing the three, 3” x 4” cards in the letter as “goodles”. The cards and the flowers on the lower right side of the photo are from page 10 of the free download. I think my Mom will be pleased when she opens her letter, and that I mentioned her in this post! Consider writing to someone you love today. In the meantime, I wish you a mailbox full of Happy Mail! Love, Tiffany