Habit Tracking in the Daisy Weeks Notebook

Habit Tracking in the Daisy Weeks Notebook

 Hello, friends!

Are you interested in habit tracking but aren't sure where to start? Let me help! I kept a habit tracker in the Take Flight Daisy Weeks Notebook and now that is complete, I want to share a few takeaways from this month. 




Here are few takeaways from this month's Habit Tracker.

1. Get clear on your goals.

In order to start tracking areas of your life, you need to know what to track and why you are tracking it. I knew I wanted to see improvement in how I cared for my body and mind this month, so I focused on those habits that make my body feel its best and my mind feel clear and confident. 

2. Pair habit tracking with daily "little wins".

Habit Tracking on its own is hard for me to get excited about. But pairing it with a chance to jot down a little win, or a daily glimmer? Now we're talking! Having these two practices provides a clearer picture of where my energy went and how I felt about the day. An added bonus was the ability to expand on what I was feeling, pondering, noticing in my journal section. I typically fills these pages out in the morning, while I'm having a cup of coffee. 



3. Give yourself permission to tweak the tracker. 

It's ok to change what or how you track your habits. For me, I realized the key data points were steps, activity rings, and zone minutes. I didn't need to go into specifics with what type of cardio or strength I did, but whether or not I did it. When I did do these activities, I usually wrote down the specifics as a little win, so I didn't need it in the chart. 





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