Fun with Stickers!

Fun with Stickers!
Hello, Friends! What could be better than a post featuring stickers? How about a post with three fantastic ideas for using stickers in your projects! With so many options for stickers in the Cocoa Daisy Collections, we know you will find the right stickers to meet your particular embellishment needs. Carol is getting her home school planner organized (and cute)) with the help of stickers from the Treetop Canopy Collection.
At the beginning of March, I knew exactly how I wanted to showcase my stickers. Using the Treetop Canopy Memory Keeping Sticker Kit to set up my Treetop Canopy A5 Daisy Dori has been such a game-changer. Not only do I find that it motivates me, but it also brings me joy on some of the harder days. I’m sure y’all can relate, right?
I use this specific insert to plan out our homeschool and having extra space to pop in photos is the icing on the cake! I’m sharing all the deets in a video walkthrough, explaining my set up and I would love for you to hang out with me while we chat about all things planners, memory keeping, and stickers!
You can check out the entire setup on Carol's YouTube Channel!
Stickers are great for jazzing up your Daisy Dori, while still maintaining its functionality. Carol is right that having a few cute stickers on the page can motivate you to return to your planner and stay motivated! We love that Carol's memory-keeping heart has room in this setup, too! Homeschooling is a huge endeavor and she will definitely want to document the little wins and reflect on lessons learned.
While Carol used stickers to forward plan, Casie used stickers to embellish her memory planner pages!
"Stickers, stickers, stickers!!! Do you ever challenge yourself with your memory-keeping layouts? Join me in using just stickers!
I used only sticker kits from Poppy Fields Collection to create this layout in my memory planner. I started with the Poppy Fields Planner Add-On Kit using the days of the week stickers. Then I moved onto the variety offered in the Poppy Field Memory Keeping Sticker Kit. It comes with date numbers and alpha stickers that act as little journal starters.
The vertical stickers in that kit can be used outside of traditional vertical layouts and I used one horizontally at the bottom of the week. The Poppy Fields Modern Memory Keeping Kit came with fantastic black and white word strip stickers that I added in as well. I love the contrast between the colorful elements grounded in black and white.
And I finished off the layout with a few cloud stickers on the rainy days. Thank you for joining me in this memory-keeping challenge."
Look at all the variety of stickers available in these kits! Casie used alphas, labels, word strips, decorative and even functional stickers like dates and days of the week. The stickers are such a beautiful way to embellish a week full of memories.
Speaking of memory planning, let's check in with Jennie to see how she also used stickers to document her week.
"Stickers are the basis for my memory planning. There's basically no week that goes by that I do not use stickers in some way. This week I'm combining a wide variety including alphabet stickers and border stickers!
The key for me is layering. I don't love just putting down decorative stickers without layering them upon each other. Each cluster on this page is an example. From the full box in the upper left-hand corner that includes a label and alpha stickers to the quote in the upper right-hand corner with the border sticker and label, I'm always layering them together.
This is not the only way they come to be in my memory planner. I also use stickers to mark activities AND this time I used the small-phrase/word stickers on almost all of the photos and I love it!"
We love this spread from Jennie and all the ways she layered stickers together to make fun embellishment clusters. If you'd like to see this spread come together, check out Jennie's process video on her YouTube Channel.
We hope you are enjoying the stickers from the Treetop Canopy Collection as much as we are! Share your stickered spreads with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page.


Rachel, Memory Keeping Team Blog Coordinator