Fun with Photos: Wander Collection

Fun with Photos: Wander Collection
Hello, friends! There are so many ways to add photos to a memory-keeping spread. No matter the size of the layout, there is always room for more photos!  

Carol Weatherspoon: Fun with Photos

  It's Carol today and I'm sharing a spread with lots of photos using the Wander Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. As you know, the real estate in a traveler's notebook spread is not large, so you have to be strategic when you have lots of photos. For this spread, I have three nice-sized photos on the right side and two photos on the left. All the photos were from one event, our 4th of July BBQ last year. I could have used smaller photos to get even more on this spread, but my eyes are not what they used so I opted for larger photos!     For the left side of the spread, I staggered and overlapped my photos. You can still see everyone but by doing this, I could fit more photos on my page. In the three open spaces, I added die cuts as well as a few glitter enamel dots. The way everything is laid out, makes your eyes go in a "S" shape and makes it visually pleasing.     On the right side of the spread, I used two photos and again, I staggered but I did not overlap. I left a little room in between for a bit of embellishing. I added a rub-on in the upper left-hand corner with a stamped sentiment. I also added the date in the middle. I decided that embellishments should be minimal.     Since I had so many photos, I didn't want my spread to look too busy. I also chose not to journal because the photos speak for themselves. I hope these tips are helpful to you when you find yourself with lots of pictures and limited space.  

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator