Embrace the Discs with Doodles and Dashes II

Embrace the Discs with Doodles and Dashes II
Hello, friends! Have you tried a discbound planner setup? Discbound planner systems are customizable, like ring-bound planners, but require fewer expensive extras like planner binders. It is very easy to make your own cover with just two trimmed-down heavy Acrylic Sheets for the front and back covers, a set of Planner Discs, and the discbound planner punch. We hope today's post inspires you to give discs a try!

Jennifer Crowder: Discbound A5 Planner

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It all starts in the front, for me. As soon as I open my planner I want to feel happy and organized. The Doodles & Dashes II Classified: Planner Kit included acetate and vellum specialty papers that can be layered for a beautiful opening page. I also like popping the sticky notes on the thick acetate into my front pocket; they come in handy all month long!

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The Doodles & Dashes II Planner Dashboard Kit or the Doodles & Dashes II Planner Kit papers make very quick and easy dividers in a disc-bound setup. I cannot decide which I like better, so it's a mix-and-match for me!
This month I decided to do something different with the paper I usually tuck in the front pocket; I used the paper from the Doodles & Dashes II Planner Kit but did not trim it down. Then, I added bits and bobs including a calendar card and a little memory keeping. It makes a great fold-out.
I love the cards from the Doodles & Dashes II Modern Memory Keeping Kit and they are a simple way to fill my vinyl pockets. I'll be switching them out each month.
Let's talk notes pages. I consider myself a very functional planner and I always have a notes page going. I love that I can quickly add some headers to create sections with stickers. This month, the Doodles & Dashes II Planner Kit came with a magnetic clip and it's the perfect way to mark my spot.
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We cannot move into November without talking about gratitude; it just goes with the season, in my opinion. I took the Doodles & Dashes II Simple Dori apart by removing the staples. I punched the pages for my discs and it made a fun foldout section. I'll add all our Thanksgiving plans to this section and daily gratitude.

Rachel Newman: Discbound Classic Inserts

I go back to a discbound setup pretty frequently, as I love the versatility of this system. For November, I'm utilizing a mix of inserts including the Doodles & Dashes II Classic Inserts and an old 2021 Teacher Layout from the Happy Planner. Here, I have covered the monthly divider with a 4x6 pocket card from the Doodles & Dashes II Modern Memory-Keeping Kit and paper from the Doodles & Dashes II Planner Kit. I learned a while ago to purchase Classic Happy Planners based on the layout and not the dividers because I am always going to decorate over them anyway!
In October, I experimented with a teacher layout, with the columns broken up by category. I loved it so much, I decided to do the same things with the Doodles & Dashes II Classic Inserts. The beautiful illustrations around the page definitely put the FUN in this functional planning page.

Something I really enjoy about the way I set up this spread was the ability to make certain categories smaller than others and label each category with the (still available!) Stamp Set from the Spice Market Planner Add-On Kit. Varying the size of the categories means more room for areas that are likely filled with lists and notes, or leave room for decoration! I like to highlight tasks with alphas stickers from the Doodles & Dashes Kit II Planner Add-On Kit and make household chores less of a burden with the cute icon stickers from the Doodles & Dashes II Planner Sticker Kit.

  Since my sidebar is in use, I decided to use the color block sheets and checklist as my sidebar. I have the perfect place to brain-dump things that come to mind and then look at my week to see when I can check off those items. The color block portion is so beautiful as it is, but I plan to use it to jot down the hours I worked and the photos that I want to include in my memory planner.   Since the page is perforated, I can easily see my running task list when I get to the second half of the week, too! I love this setup and look forward to continued tweaks as the month progresses.     Are you ready to try a discbound planner system? Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator