Embellish Your Journaling with the Afternoon Tea Collection

Embellish Your Journaling with the Afternoon Tea Collection
Hello, friends! Journaling is a great practice in reflection, gratitude, and documenting your story. It is even better with some pretty embellishments to support it! Audrey was inspired by the Afternoon Tea Collection to journal about a favorite show. Is anyone else as obsessed with Bridgerton as I am? The Afternoon Tea Collection reminded me of the second season, I had to embellish the heck out of my journaling! There are so many wonderful and unique ways to journal in this collection. In this layout, I highlight two different ways to embellish your journaling. First, I used journal cards and chipboard from the Afternoon Tea Modern Memory Keeping Kit to help journal my story, here for me, Bridgerton is "Wonderful," as the journal card says! And I "Love" it as the chipboard describes. I also did some journaling on one of the hexagon stickers from the Afternoon Tea Memory Keeping Sticker Kit. Here, I told my love for this TV show in my own words. How do you all journal your layouts? I am excited to see it! Natasha makes journaling a part of her morning routine.
Truth be told, I'm not much of a journaler when it comes to my memory planner but I do love having other formats of journaling such as my Creative Meditation Journal. I am currently using the Minimalist Collection A5 Daisy Dori and really enjoy what a neutral canvas the pages provide for each week. I use the Daisy Dori every morning as part of my morning routine to meditate and creatively reflect on the daily mantra from my meditation.
As I have a limited amount of time in the morning I like to do a little bit of setup for the week ahead. In this reel, you can see my setup process in layering the stamp from the Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping kit along with some of the adhesive diecuts from Afternoon Tea Collection and a previously released stamp set from Cocoa Daisy for the days of the week.
With my journal pages set up in advance during the week, I limit myself to only the stickers and some mild liners and Tombows to embellish my journaling. Keeping it simple helps me stay consistent and on time to work each day!
At the end of the week, when I wasn't on a tight schedule, I went back and stamped using the Dandelion Wishes Stamp Set that is found in the Cocoa Daisy shop. When it comes to embellishing journaling, only a few products are needed. I encourage you to select one or two items and use those selected products in your upcoming journaling projects.
Here I primarily use the Afternoon Tea Memory Keeping Sticker Kit and the Afternoon Tea Daisy Add-On Sticker Kit, and I adore the outcome. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I hope that sharing this creative meditation journal, which is such a great mental health tool for me, will inspire you to use your Cocoa Daisy products to start a similar creative practice.
How do you embellish your journaling? Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator