DIY Planner: Autumn Thicket Collection

DIY Planner: Autumn Thicket Collection
Hello, friends! With the Autumn Thicket Collection and a few simple supplies, you can completely customize a planner setup that is perfect for you!

Create Your Own Planner!     The Autumn Thicket Collection has a pretty range of colors from very rich and deep dark tones to lighter neutrals and warm hues. As I live in Southwest Florida where our temperatures are still well over 80¬∞F I wanted to channel the more traditional fall vibes but with a simple aesthetic vibe to it as well. This lighter look gives me the perfect fall vibes for a warm climate! For my cover, I used a clear plastic placemat, similar to the 12x12 Acrylic Sheets in the Cocoa Daisy Store. I cut it down to be slightly larger than the inserts. I then used one of the clear adhesive pockets found in the Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit on the inside of the front color. Within the adhesive pocket, I selected two journal cards one exterior facing and one interior facing, so that it would be attractive with the cover opened or closed. In using a clear cover I was able to achieve the simplified aesthetic look that I was going for. For my main front divider, I selected one of the pattern papers from the Autumn Thicket Classified: Memory Keeping Kit that was very neutral but also had a wide range of colors and a mixed-media feel which I really love! It pulls in the colors from the adhesive pockets as well as the journal cards. For my planner dividers, I use a combination of side tabs and top tabs from both the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit and the smaller ones from the Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit. The side tabs help me distinguish the main sections of my planner whereas the top tabs serve as placeholders to be able to find important information to ensure that my planner is not only cute but very functional. I divide the main sections of my planner using dividers. My formula for approachable and cute planner dividers is to use trimmed-down patterned paper punched to size, paired with a journal card and some embellishments. I stick with the diecuts as I don‚Äôt personally care for bulk within my setup dividers. I adored all of the messages that are on this month's dashboards from the Autumn Thicket Planner Dashboard Kit so I was sure to sprinkle them throughout my whole October Discbound Planner Set Up. Last but not least I used one of the clear plastic storage sleeves that came in the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit and created a custom pocket divider by trimming down to size, then cutting only the front piece of the plastic sleeve at a diagonal. As I wanted to be able to use it on the go, I punched the entire plastic pocket sleeve and put it at the back of my planner. I really like to carry my Cocoa Daisy planners stickers with me at all times to use on the go so this was a perfect place to store them as I was not using a traditional planer cover that has built-in pockets.  

New Design: So Many Options!

I am thrilled about the new changes to the b6 planner inserts! Over the past two years, my go-to layout has been a ‚Äúteacher style‚Äù layout where you have one column on the left side of the page which outlines what I like to think of as different ‚Äúbuckets‚Äù in my life. I used the new far left column entitled ‚ÄúThis Week‚Äù as this location. I used an assortment of stickers from the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit, a stamp from the Autumn Thicket Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit layered with some of the adhesive die cuts from the Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit to create and decorate each bucket. As I like an organic feel to my planners, and I‚Äôm terrible at drawing a straight line, I used one of the thin washi strip stickers from the Autumn Thicket Daisy Add-On Sticker Kit to designate the area for the most important events/tasks that are happening that day. You could repeat this a few times to create a horizontal structure throughout the whole layout. For Saturday and Sunday, as those days are not as structured as the work week, I just doodle with a marker some bullet points for top events and tasks.     I included some subtle but oh-so-cute stamping details to my planner spread using light gray ink with the stamp set from the Autumn Thicket Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. I like to use light gray ink so that it isn‚Äôt too distracting for me but still beautiful and inspiring to look at. I often use stamping in my planner spreads as a foundational layer. For this week I paired the leaf-stamped image with the days of the week stickers from the Autumn Thicket Planner Add-On Kit as well as the date stickers from the Autumn Thicket Planner Kit. I hope seeing just one of the many ways you can format the new b6 planner inserts gives you some inspiration to get started today in utilizing your tried and true planner styles (like my preference for the teacher style layout) or trying something brand new! Share with us your planner setups and spread by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator