Autumn Thicket Product Focus: Tags

Autumn Thicket Product Focus: Tags
Hello, friends! The tags from the Autumn Thicket Collection make terrific embellishment layers, photo mats, journal spots, and anchors for titles. Keep reading to see these tags put to work!

Traci Reed: Layered Tags
I love a good tag for layering, and the Autumn Thicket Collection has a ton of fun ephemera tags that I used for just that on this layout! I layered them behind my photos and I even layered a tag for the date behind my main title tag!
Often, I think of those big white tags as journaling spots, so it was fun to think outside the box and use it as a mat for my title instead.

Natasha Pytlik: Easy Embellishments

Tags are one of my top two favorite embellishment types…labels are the other! Tags are one of those items that have endless options. For this Traveler’s Notebook Style layout, I was inspired by the rectangular shape of the tags from the Autumn Thicket Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. When I am looking at embellishments to use in the design of my memory-keeping projects, I often ask myself “how will these play into the foundation of my layout?” and “how will these accentuate the design and memory I want to document?”
For this particular project, tags served as design pillars to have a designated spot for:
  • Layout Title
  • Date/ Subtitle
  • Photo
  • Journaling
As a rectangle has four corners, I designed this layout to have the four corners be a result of layered tags.
When selecting the tags, I wanted to use a variety of styles and not just one look. I stayed with a warm neutral color palette that pulled from the coffee in my photograph. Even though there are several different styles of tag they all work together. I loved using the “Tag Top” stickers found in the Autumn Thicket Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit to bring in those extra pops of color- such a fun addition to the Autumn Thicket Collection.

Carol Weatherspoon: Extend Your Photos

Tags! Tags! Tags! That's what we're chatting about today. I think tags may be one of my go-to embellishments because they can be used in many different ways and let's be honest, they're cute!
For this Traveler's Notebook spread, I utilized tags from the Autumn Thicket Modern Memory Keeping Kit on both sides of my layout as little extensions to my photos. I tucked them underneath the top and bottom of the photos and only added a couple of puffy heart embellishments for added interest.
For the tag on the bottom left, I added a sweet die cut on top to tie the spread together. I chose not to journal but added a great title that totally sums up those great photos!
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator