DIY Dividers with Nordic Skies Collection

Hello friends, Cocoa Daisy’s Kits make is easy to create cute and functional dividers no matter your level of experience with creative planning and customizing your planner.

Natasha Pytlik: B6 Discbound Dividers

Creating custom DIY dividers is by far my favorite part of my planner setup each month. Today, I’m sharing three of my go-to types of dividers that I like to create in my monthly setup.

Dividers Types 1. Dashboard card onto patterned paper 2. Stickies as backgrounds 3. Washi and Sticker combo     I am using the dashboard cards that are found in the Nordic Skies Planner Add-On Kit, which are always a favorite of mine, as the sentiments are so thoughtful and coordinate beautifully with the collection. You can trim this down to size if that works best for you or like I have done here place it directly onto the patterned paper and have added some of the chipboard stars for some extra sparkle/ embellishment. I do recommend that if you write directly in your planner without removing the insert when you write, keep in mind the number of textured elements that you are using on your dividers. This comes down to personal preference. I recommend if you are trying out a textured chunky look on a divider to create one or two that are chunky and the others flat. That way you are able to see what is your personal preference for your planning style and how you overall use your planner.   For this month, the stickies found in the Nordic Skies Classified Planner Kit serve as my decorative background and layering element for my divider. You can adhere the sticky note onto the patterned paper divider directly or you can add an additional piece of adhesive or double-sided tape to get some extra adhesion. After I lay down my sticky notes, I like to add some decorative stickers on top of the sticky note- not only is this cute, but it helps make sure that the sticky notes stay stuck onto the divider throughout the month. The third DIY planner divider type to share with you today is to combine washi from the Nordic Skies Collection¬†and pair it with some stickers. I have created many dashboards, using both functional and decorative stickers as everything coordinates so easily in the collection that you can create a pretty DIY divider without much effort. I hope these three different styles of DIY divider formulas, get your wheels churning on how you can use your Cocoa Daisy supplies to create something special for your planner setup. If you are just getting started with customizing your planner setup, I recommend playing around with the texture as mentioned above, but also starting small perhaps you create one or two dividers, and then each month you can work your way up if you choose to customize each of your dividers.   Share your custom dividers with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page and the Cocoa Daisy YouTube Channel for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator