Daily Daisy Dori Planning

Daily Daisy Dori Planning
Hello, friends! We are head over heels for the updated Daisy Dori, especially the open grid pages. Keep reading to see how these pages can instantly be transformed for daily planning.

Kim Oedekoven: Daily Daisy Dori Planning


Daily planning in my Standard Size Daisy Dori continually is the best flexible planning system I have been in. I like the maneuverability of the blank page options with a base of beauty in the decoration sprinkled throughout its pages! Today I’m showing you a couple of different options when it comes to planning within those grid pages.

Some days (thankfully) there are no timed events to get to so I take those rare opportunities to get as much done as I can at home. I love the top portion to always be the priority task in a short list. Below the washi tape from the Nordic Skies Classified Planner Kit, I have the moon sticky note from the same kit which houses my Cocoa Daisy tasks. I add a touch of depth with such little work!

  Because I‚Äôve got family in town, I need to stay organized with my meal planning. I finished off the page with this majestic winter deer.

On the next day, while I still did not have any timed events, I thought I would create a time-blocking map to help make sure my day ran smoothly. I used stickers from the Nordic Skies Planner Add-On Kitto fill in the time spaces and place-specific tasks to be done during that period. And hello sticky note again! This time it houses my grocery list to give to my husband and can easily be removed for his hasty departure.

I’ve always loved the Cocoa Daisy insert but now with its open format, I feel even more creative and productive with my daily planning! Simply easy and beautiful all on its own.


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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator