Creating Contrast with Quiet Meadow Kits

Creating Contrast with Quiet Meadow Kits
Hello, friends! We love the feel of a high-contrast spread using the Quiet Meadow Collection. The whimsy of the botanicals with the dark moody tones is sure to make your memory keeping memorable!  

Traci Reed: Creating Contrast


I’m ALL about contrast when it comes to designing scrapbook pages, so when I saw there were beautiful black and white floral papers in the Quiet Meadow Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, I knew they would match perfectly with photos of my son dressed in black and white standing in a field of wildflowers!

Setting the Stage: Background Selection


  I began by selecting the sheet of botanical Kraft paper from the Quiet Meadow Classified: Memory Keeping Kit as my base. Its warm, earthy tones beautifully complemented the black and white florals. This paper will serve as the canvas for your torn paper collage.  

Creating Contrast: Tearing and Layering

The most exciting part was tearing the black and white papers from the Quiet Meadow Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. This technique introduced texture and contrast to my layout. I tore the black paper into irregular shapes, focusing on maintaining rough edges to add an organic and artistic touch. The same went for the white paper.

Layering the torn pieces on the craft botanical paper was like piecing together a beautiful puzzle. I strategically placed them to achieve a balanced contrast. For example, I juxtaposed a torn black piece against a white one, allowing the craft botanical paper to peek through and create a stunning visual effect. Overlapping the torn papers added depth and dimension to the overall composition.

Highlighting the Photos


Now, it was time to showcase the star of the page—the photos. I chose to have each and every photo either “falling” off the edge of the page or tucked in between cards and torn papers to give it a more natural flow. The “authenticity” card included in the Quiet Meadow Modern Memory Keeping Kit was the perfect touch for this page.

Embellishing with Ephemera


The Quiet Meadow Modern Memory Keeping Kit came with delightful ephemera, featuring botanical motifs that perfectly complemented my torn paper collage-style scrapbook page. I carefully selected ephemera pieces that accentuated the wildflower theme or added a touch of sentimentality to the page. Butterflies, vellum hearts, and rub-on titles found their place strategically around the photos and torn paper, maintaining a harmonious flow.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Stepping back, I noticed a few areas that needed a final touch to bring the whole layout together. I added lots of floral bits and pieces from the die cuts included in the Quiet Meadow Classified: Memory Keeping Kit, as well as word bits to frame my photos.

Remember, each memory-keeping project is a reflection of your creativity and love. So, embrace the process, let your heart guide you, and celebrate the beauty of life's precious moments through the art of scrapbooking. Happy crafting!

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