Come Plan with Us!

Come Plan with Us!
Hello, Friends! One of the best parts about the Cocoa Daisy planning community is seeing all the various ways people plan their days. Finding your planning style means figuring out what items you need to put in your planner while also establishing how you embellish the pages to encourage consistency. Today, our Creative Team shares their unique planning style and some tips for using the My Escape Collection on their spreads. First, we have Tiffany who plans, journals, and sets goals using her My Escape Personal Size Inserts. 
I use my personal size planner for journaling & planning. I lean towards bright colors, so chose the vivid, “June” dashboard from the My Escape Dashboard Kit to be the first thing I see when I open up my “daily” section. In my process video, I show how I transform my first “daily to-do” page into a "goals" page using items from the My Escape Planner Add On Kit, My Escape Classic Sticker Kit, and the My Escape Planner Kit. .
After that, I switch to the “weekly” section of my planner. I work ahead and set up my gratitude journaling pages for week #3 of June. I had fun decorating this spread with a mix of stickers from the Planner Kit, Planner Add On Kit, My Escape Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit, Classic Sticker Kit, and the My Escape Memory Keeping Sticker Kit
Instead of filling in the blank at the top of the left page with dates, I used alphabet stickers from the Classic Sticker Kit, to spell out the word “thanks”. On each day, I will write in a few things that I’m thankful for. One of them is Cocoa Daisy!
Julie uses the A5 Planner Inserts to keep track of her weekly schedule.
Setting up my weekly spread is so much fun using the undated weekly spreads from the My Escape Planner Kit. This week, I punched 7 circles from a piece of the planner paper to layer the days/dates of the week. I really like how it turned out with the days of the week stickers from the My Escape Classified: Planner Kit.
The foundation of my weekly setup is really the days of the week and then a set of the clipboard stickers from the My Escape Sticker Kit every day to note the priorities that need to be taken care of that day.
I like using the alphas from the My Escape Classic Sticker Kit to draw attention to big events of the week, such as Della's first day on Tuesday. I combined the "let's eat here" sticker from the Classic Sticker Kit with one of the foldover tab stickers from the Classified: Planner Kit. I cut it apart to use as a stand-alone sticker to fill out my Tuesday activities.
I like to use my white-out roller behind the transparent stickers whenever I want to place them where they cross over one of the thick lines in the weekly layout. This is especially helpful when there are small words that would be hard to read otherwise.
After I've filled in all of the events and items that are due, I go back and do a bit of decorating with the deco stickers. I try to find a balance of decorating and leaving enough space to add in all the things that come up between now and when the week is done. It makes me so happy to see my coordinated and cheerful weekly layout, thanks to Cocoa Daisy!
[embed][/embed]   Belinda plans using the discbound system and the A5 Planner Inserts Unpunched.
It’s time to plan for the first week of June in my custom Cocoa Daisy A5 disc-bound planner, using my A5 Planner Inserts from the My Escape Planner Kit. I received them unpunched so I can punch them myself for my disc planner. I just love the Sticky Notes from the Planner Kit so I decided to make a die-cut using one of them and some of the My Escape FREE Printable paper as backing. It really helped to highlight an important appointment for the week.
I start off my week using the day and date sticker sheet from the Planner Kit then add some of the gorgeous Book Washi to the pages. I include two full box stickers from the My Escape Classic Sticker Kit and layer them to ‘Welcome in June’, adding a black edge to help them pop.
Next, I start a couple of dashed line boxes by picking a pretty floral Washi Strip and To Do/Today stickers from the Classic Sticker Kit to create a header area, then draw dashed line boxes to highlight each day. A few deco stickers finish them off nicely. On the other days, I lay down Check Lists to keep track of each day's chores, to-do’s, errands, and reminders. My fitness walks are tracked using the Alpha stickers from the Planner Add On Kit.
The bright yellow sunshine sticker brings hope of sunny days for the weekend and an adventure road trip into the Blue Mountains to visit good friends, enjoy a healthy lunch, and a nature walk. Sentiment stickers, a quarter box, and deco stickers help to highlight a fun weekend ahead.
Check out my ‘Plan with Me’ Youtube Video including how I make my Washi Bows.
[embed][/embed]   Have you planned this week using the My Escape Collection? Share your planner spreads with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator