Card Love!

Card Love!
Hello, Daisies! I love making cards & writing letters. I thought it would be fun to combine BOTH. The outside looks like a card, but inside, it's actually a letter. To create this whimsical card + letter, I used the following "Up and Away" Kits: the Planner Kit , the Planner Add On Kit , and the Memory Keeping : Pocket Kit . To create this, gather these items from the kits (mentioned above), and your craft stash:
  1. The paper with the banners/bunting will be your card base. (It is already folded in half.)
  2. The rainbow striped paper
  3. The cloud paper
  4. “Always choose the bright side” ¾ journal card
  5. One doily (I used one from my stash)
  6. Cloud sticky notes
  7. Sun sticker
  8. Embroidered hot air balloon
  9. Blue puffy alphabet stickers
  10. Bunting index stickers
  11. Twine
  12. Scissors (stash)
  13. Adhesive (stash)
  14. Ruler (stash)
  Please note that the rainbow, striped-paper, is on the other side of the paper with the banners. I actually bought two sets of paper to ensure that I had enough. I cut the rainbow, striped-sheet to 4" x 5", and used it to frame the 3'x4" journal card. (No extra paper on hand? If you have access to a copy machine, you could copy the rainbow sheet first. Then, from the rainbow copy, cut out the 4"x5" frame.) I had fun layering on top of the card. I glued the doily down first. Next, I attached the striped, 4"x5" card with foam adhesive dots. The "Always choose the bright side" card is next, followed by the hot air balloon. Both were attached with foam adhesive.¬† (Note: I actually cut the blue/green balloon out of the insert card that came with the die cuts in the Planner Kit. ¬†I chose it because it's slightly larger than the other balloons in the kit.) For another festive touch, I placed the "bunting index stickers" around a short piece of twine, then stuck it to the card with foam adhesive. I left about a half-inch of twine on each side, so it would barely be noticeable. I used clear tape to keep the twine in place. I taped the left side on the back of the card, and the right side inside the card. The twine won't show inside the card because the letter (on cloud paper) covers it. The photo below shows the letter before it's been pasted inside the card. The sky/cloud paper shown above comes in the Up and Away Planner Kit . It arrives already folded perfectly! Before I glued it inside the card, I decided to add a few things:
  1.  lines for writing (added in blue pencil)
  2. cloud sticky notes (outlined with blue gel pen)
  3. embroidered hot air balloon
  4. "HI", using blue alphabet stickers
  5. sun sticker
However, you can go crazy! Decorate the inside with items in the kits that inspire YOU. Please share your creations with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on Instagram, or join us in our private Cocoa Daisy Fan Facebook Group. We can't wait to see what you've been crafting! Thank you for joining me today. Love, Tiffany Instagram: @tiffanyvalentine_