Bookish Collection: Four Ways

Bookish Collection: Four Ways
Hello, friends! Which Cocoa Daisy kit should you use for your journal, functional planner, and memory planner? Let us help guide you to some answers today!  

Natasha Pytlik: Which Kits for Which Planning Format?

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Personally, I use my Cocoa Daisy supplies in every journal and planner I use! Now, it’s important to note I am a bit of a planner girl rebel and I like to play with “the rules” and use kits in different formats. So for example, some might only want to use the Bookish Planner Sticker Kit in their weekly planner but I will use these stickers in my creative journal and my Cocoa Daisy Daisy Planner!
Nonetheless, choosing which kits to use can come down to trial and error, and like most things, personal preference.
The biggest factor that it boils down to for me is bulk! And secondly, what is the life span of that insert, planner or journal?
Work Planner- Spiral Bound Planner

My work and overall week planner is a spiral-bound planner so I am very cognizant of only using rub-ons, stamps, and the occasional clear sticker. This planner is my workhorse and where I use the least amount of deco. It is also a year-long planner so I want to make sure that I can write on it in the future.
I find the kits that work best for a spiral-bound work planner:
  • Planner Add-On Kit: This kit often has a great stamp set that can be used over and over again throughout the year. Planner Add-On Kit sometimes comes with a highlighter or colored felt tip pen. This is also something that I will use throughout the year. It can add a pop of color and is still functional.
  • Planner Sticker Kit: Clear Sticker Sheet with washi strips is a must!
  • Daisy Add-On Sticker Kit: This kit includes small deco elements that give your page some beautiful artwork from the collection but doesn‚Äôt overwhelm the page. It also has a clear sticker sheet too.
  • Bookish Memory Keeping Stamp Sets: These stamps are on a smaller scale which makes them super versatile no matter what size planner I‚Äôm in. Stamping in light-colored ink works so well for me.
B6 Catch All Planner- Discbound Planner

For my Cocoa Daisy b6 planner set up, I primarily use this as a catch-all planner where I jot down my lists, plan out the pre-plan for my week, track wellness, and also do my daily planning.

I do not hold onto these inserts year after year, typically I am holding them for a few months in case I need to reference them. I use a disc-bound system as I think this is the easiest way to have fun playing around with the beautiful products for a setup but also easy to switch out each month. As I only carry a month at a time on mini discs, I go to town using all the different products!

For my catch-all planner, these are my favorite kits to use:
  • Planner Kit: Love how this kit gives you a taste of everything from the collection. My favorites are the patterned papers and die cuts to customize my planner for my monthly dividers and covers.
  • Classified Planner Kit:¬†This kit changes up each month but never disappoints. I love using the adhesive pockets for functional storage. This month I am using them to house my stickers on the go. I‚Äôve also used them in the past in my budget section to keep receipts to track our grocery budget.
Creative Morning Journal- Bound Notebook

My Creative Morning Journal is the most decorative out of all the planners and journals. There is often a lot happening on these pages. I find stickering, journaling, and reflecting all very therapeutic, so I really don’t put restrictions on myself. I use whatever products feel best at the moment.
My favorite kits for creative journaling:
  • Planner Add-On Kit: Often you will find the sticker sheets in this kit are prompt or list based which is a dream for journaling, especially on the days I feel stuck about what to journal about.
  • Classified Planner Kit: The washi tapes found in this collection always add a lovely touch to my pages. The sticker sheets include functional stickers like days of the week stickers so great to use on an updated journal. Often there are sticky notes found in the Classified Kit which I like to use within my journal to add extra interest and highlight important notes.
  • Memory Keeping Sticker Kit: I love tearing the big box stickers to bring in the patterns from the collection!
Memory Planner- Daisy Planner in 3-Ring Album

Last but not least, another very decorative planner is my memory planner.
I know that I am keeping these memories documented for years to come. I switched over to a ringed binder at the end of 2021 and really love the flexibility to add pocket pages and 6x8 style layouts within my memory planning pages in my Daisy Planner.
The rings give me more space to use whatever products speak to me although I still am aware of not using super bulky items as I live in a small house and storage for my albums will become an issue if I have an album per month.
I incorporate a lot of layers into my memory-keeping style so I find the following kits work the best for me to have a foundational layer and then products to build up from there.
  • Memory Keeping Sticker Kit: Big box stickers for those base layers. Alpha stickers to add a pop of color and titles for the week‚Äôs events.
  • Sticker from the Planner Add-On Kit- The weekly stickers are great to reformat a weekly layout into a different style or add some extra personalization to the design of the Daisy Planner.
  • Bookish Modern Memory Keeping Kit: The embellishments of the Modern Memory Keeping Kit really shine in my memory planner. As I use a ring-bound system, I don‚Äôt shy away from using chipboard and enamel dots. I also love the die cuts to layer onto photos.
With so many kit options, there is definitely something for everybody at Cocoa Daisy. Or perhaps you’re like me and a bit of a planner girl rebel, and you will find your sweet spot in using a variety of kits!

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator